30+ Character Clothing Styles

IMG_3542While writing a new book, I realized I was describing what my character had on, without knowing what style it belonged to. It made me curious. But I haven’t found many straight forward lists available online, so if you’re searching for this, I hope it helps you. I would break it down into modest vs. not, but I think we all know anyone can be either in any category.

Only general descriptions provided to help sort the styles because so many overlap. If you find something missing, please leave a comment!

  1. Western (cowboy) – boots, jeans, plaid, cowboy hat, spurs, chaps
  2. Rocker (traditional motorcycle) – black leather, band shirts, spike studs, skulls
  3. Punk – spiked colorful hair, black outfits
    • Anarco-punk – militaristic style
    • Steampunk – brass gears, buckles, latches, mechanical hardware, goggles
    • Cyberpunk – futuristic tech, pleather, goggles, colorful cable/dread hair
      • Biopunk includes more of the tech+body integration
    • Celtic punk – kilts and leather jackets
    • Glamorous punk – sparkles and spikes
    • Ska-punk – suspenders, black and white stripes/checkers, skinny jeans
    • Rockabilly – retro hair curls/greaser, white T-shirt, jeans, short A-line dresses, polka dots
  4. Gothic – black fishnet/lace, spikes, skulls, pale skin
    • Vampire – brocade, corsets, cape, black leather, blood, sheer fabrics
    • Voodoo/witch – long dresses, long hair, dark eyes, long necklaces, lots of rings
  5. Post-apocalyptic – thick, often torn canvas clothing, hoods, gas masks, knee boots, buckles
  6. Classy – simple suits, jackets, solid colors – neutral tone with a single color
    • Chic – classy mixed with a lace or floral pattern
    • Sophisticated – typically one color, a single form fit dress or suit, often with a single expensive accessory, a Coach/Prada purse
  7. Bohemian (boho) – tassles, lace, natural colors, sheer fabrics
    • Gypsy – richer color, corsets, more adornments, hip scarf
  8. Casual – jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers
    • Loungewear – sweats, hoodies, T-shirts, slippers, nighties
  9. Hippie – long flowing fabrics, flowers, bell-bottoms, bright colors
    • Romantic – pastel colors, flowers, skirts
  10. Tomboy (for girls) – dresses like a man
  11. Effeminate (for guys) – dresses like a woman
  12. National (ethnic) – dress based on cultural history and tradition
  13. Preppy – sweaters and slacks or skirts
  14. Sexy – torn/minimal clothing, showing a lot of skin
  15. Metrosexual (men) – skinny jeans, form fitting tops, vests, manicured, long bangs
  16. Lumbersexual (men) – boots, skinny jeans, red and black plaid flannel, beard, long bangs, pipe/cigar
  17. Formal – suits for males and females
    • Glamorous – silk, fur, diamonds, floor-length form fit dress, expensive suits
  18. Active – stretch fabrics, tennis shoes, armband/waistband for mp3 player and keys
  19. Retro – 1980’s neon triangles/circles parachute clothing, and 70’s muted colors in t-shirts, high-waist jeans and swim suits, big hair/puffy-brushed out curls
  20. Vintage
    • Early 1900s – full length corset dresses, casual suits, floral patterns, lace trim
  21. Medieval/renaissance – tunics, under-bust trim, silk, gold thread, accentuated sleeve openings for women, puffy sleeves and pants for men
  22. Skater – large flat-soled shoes, beanies, hoodies, torn baggy pants or skinny jeans
  23. Nautical – navy and white colors, often stripes and solids
  24. Vibrant/Flamboyant – boldly colorful, patterned, and shaped
  25. Exotic – rich colors, trimmed with gold/silver, gems (Stylized with ethnic elements)
  26. Seasonal – self-explanatory, depends on where you are.
  27. Artistic (Arty) – this can go two ways:
    1. The creator – casual with effects of work present, paint, wood dust, ink
    2. The professional – clean jeans/slacks, suit jacket/sweater, camera bag/satchel, and a beret or other well-known symbol of art appreciation
  28. Minimalist – simple clean lines with few to no adornments, no pockets, nothing in excess.
  29. Eclectic – a mix of tastes, plaid and paint splatter, breaks fashion rules, what most of us normies are.
  30. Street/Urban – a trendy casual, follows pop culture fads in everyday style
  31. Functional – work-wear, jumpsuits, overalls, gloves, grounding straps, harnesses
  32. Costume/Character inspired (Cosplay) – over 20 sub-categories.(Wikimedia Reference) here’s a few:
    1. Fantasy armor
    2. Superheroes
    3. Cyborgs
    4. Machines
    5. Legend and creatures
    6. Spies
    7. Martial artists
    8. Anime
    9. Maids
  33. Ancient
    • Egyptian – typically long white tunic adorned with gold and turquois, headdresses
    • Mayan/Aztec/Inca – loin cloth & tunics for men, skirts and scarves for women, body piercings
    • Viking – long canvas dresses, furs, cloaks
    • Nomad – thick pants and tops, full over dress, trimmed with geometric patterns
    • Barbarian – stud-trimmed leather, furs, skulls/teeth/round-stamped metal adornments
    • Greek – Chiton, men no sleeves, women had sleeves
    • Roman – Tunica and toga combination
    • Minoan/Cretan – layered skirt, jacket, brooches and daggers for women. loincloth and pants that folded into triangle shape at waist for men, no shirt
    • Israelite – animal skin apron with long shawl-like tunic
    • India – a single piece of fabric wrapped around the entire body, bright colors, trimmed with gold thread
    • Chinese – darker colors, loose and wide sleeves, Hanfu tunic, sash
    • African – bark cloth, animal skins, paint, scars, beadwork

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