Achieving Acceptance of Equilibrium

The search for progress is hard-wired into us humans. But to be truly at peace, we must see what we have now, and sometimes that takes practice. It sounds like a lesson in being grateful, but it isn’t. It’s about being realistic about your expectations. They lead us so often down a dark path, overly optimistic about the light we’ll find in the shadows, only to find it isn’t there.image

That’s when we make the most important decision that determines our character and the individual we become.

Will you hide in the corner and call for help, or will you improvise and make your own light? Of course this is a metaphor because all sane people have cellphones with a flashlight app these days. But if you are without a device to solve your problem for you, if you are alone, you have to decide what to do next.

In a literal sense, for perspective:

There are still people without power in Puerto Rico. It’s been over five months since Hurricane Maria, but because of a corrupted government and restricted access to facilities that have been available, these people continue to wait for the line crews to jump through the hoops to get to them.

Life is a balance: water and nutrients, rest and activity, love and hate, helping others and helplessness, disease and health, power (in all senses) and a lack thereof. It cannot be undone. We are part of a cycle far bigger than ourselves. Good things can happen by chance or because we work for them. Bad things can happen by chance or by allowing them.

Equilibrium is the point between, where all values are zero. It is stable, safe, at rest. All forces of nature wish to be at this position, unless you’re an object in motion in space, which most of us are not.

I’m not going to say I don’t have days where it feels like the world is crushing me beneath it’s weight. I’m not Atlas, not even close. But I remind myself I’m here for a reason, whether as a result of something I did or didn’t do, or something I’m being shown I need to do. (like workout more) I choose to see the latter because I have accepted my need for equilibrium. The world is on my shoulders and I am not strong enough to hold it. But it was put there… so I must balance the equation with my own efforts to compensate… or this won’t get any easier.

The universe has its plan and its rules. Or call it God, or the spark, or Mother Nature, whatever works for you. The forces, greater than us, will be what they are. We can accept the limitations provided us or we can push that ceiling higher. But, improvement will be balanced by time and effort. If we have one, we will get the other.

Let’s just hope the reward comes after the work. (No universal law on this one)

Hang in there.







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