Achieving Acceptance of Equilibrium

The search for progress is hard-wired into us humans. But to be truly at peace, we must see what we have now, and sometimes that takes practice. It sounds like a lesson in being grateful, but it isn’t. It’s a lesson in being realistic about your expectations. They lead us so often down a dark path, overly optimistic about the light we’ll find in the shadows.

Life is movement, transition, unrest. Understanding the balance of good and bad, light and dark, rich and poor, life and death is one thing. Accepting it, truly permitting the presence of the negatives with the positives is hard for all of us. But without polarity there can be no movement, no progress, no change.

A note: an electrical charge, that thing that powers everything, that is caused by a negatively charged particle.

So if negatives can be good, can positives be bad?

(at least in terms of protons and galactic cosmic rays, the answer is yes.)

But if a positive leads to a bad result, do we categorize it as a negative? And does a negative that has challenged us and made us stronger equate to a positive?

-on a quest for enlightenment-







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