Get Your Free eBook: Happy Month of Independence!

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(ePub, Kindle, mobi, and online reader formats available)

I love the Fourth of July. And for me it’s not just a day for fireworks. My grandparents and cousins, and even my husband and his family have all served in the military to help keep us safe and free, to be able to do things like self-publish books with whatever stories and dreams we wish, and not fear persecution for our content. This country is phenomenal. It is fed by farmers and protected by soldiers. Stellar Fusion is dedicated to them, and now it’s for you, for free.

A fast-paced science fiction fantasy in a post-apocalyptic era:

A daunting fate and a beautiful, yet tormented, sergeant of the Universal Protectors force take paranormal to the next level. Her harrowing past renders her unaware of her true capabilities. She must find a way to save her people and the slaves she encounters above before they become another roiling rock of death in the chain of galaxies unmade by a merciless few.

stellar free ebookStellar Fusion page on

Happy Independence Day!

♥ Elysia


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