Ember’s Progress

Hi all! I’ve been busy with my Christmas romance novel: Embers on Ice. With the front cover completed, I am heading into edits. I swear peppermint mocha coffee creamer can take even a 105+ Texas summer and make it feel like Christmas in Montana.Embers on Ice CoverWATERMARKIf you ever get a chance to visit Montana in the winter, or any northern state, even if you’re just passing through, I highly recommend it. Blankets seem warmer, the cider tastes better, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than the crunch of snow underfoot as you look out at the frosted mountains and trees. (I really wish I was there instead of here.)

Embers on Ice is currently about 93,000 words and will be ready to read this coming holiday season. If you happen across this, I would appreciate your responses to the cover design. Embers will be available for pre-order come fall.

Many thanks and happy reading,

♥ Elysia


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