Searching for Reviews, Permafree

For the moment, I’ve decided to offer Stellar Fusion eBooks for free, through Smashwords and the partners they distribute through, which includes most major sites from Apple to B&N. Smashwords offers a Kindle compatible file. The changes take some time to process, but I’m hoping you’ll find it and enjoy it.

I’d love everyone’s feedback, because the second book, Lost Souls, is on it’s way, along with several others. The more comments I get from my readers, the better I can tune my writing. SF is my first, and only, published novel for the moment, but my goal isn’t finite. My objective is to keep going, because there are worlds inside that are getting too large for my hard drive. Thank heaven for my editor Jeni Chappelle. She keeps my chaos under control. Fantastic services and definitely recommended!

Best wishes and happy reading.


stellar free ebook



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