Dark Magic and Cohen

Cohen COVER watermarkCohen has a cover! (Finally)

I’ve been tossing ideas around for a long time. It makes me happy to be able to look at it and know it’s off my list of to-dos. He’s almost ready to graduate to edits. Here’s to hoping I can get him a buddy on #CPMatch viaTwitter.

Cohen © 2017 Elysia L. Strife

Kicked out of Skyfire magic school for nearly killing another student, Cohen’s powers stripped, banned from practicing, he must relearn what it means to be human: vulnerable and alone. Taking a job in a small mining town, occupied by more than the superstitious, he finds shelter in an abandoned mansion with it’s own secrets. A familiar tapestry, a girl he can’t take his eyes off, and a panicked call from his brothers still on Skyfire start twisting his life into a magical knot of fate.

Theme Song: Limitless (feat. Delaney Jane) – Adventure Club



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