Cover Reveal: Zedger

To save one last soldier from a government program that turns children into drones of the future, Marci must set foot in the one place she swore she never would again, unknowingly releasing an army made just for her.

One of the books I’m planning to publish this year is Zedger, book 1 of the Lucid Genesis series. While I’ve had a placeholder cover on there, it wasn’t really what I was hoping for or visualizing. I finally found the images I was looking for and am proud to present the face of my nanopunk/military/scifi novel.

Zedger front Cover1smallwatermarkWhile I can’t say for certain when the release day is, I have been through structural edits and am looking forward to finalizing the book later this summer. But first, Lost Souls, Infinite Spark Series Book 2!

Zedger is still on my In Progress page for the above reason. But I couldn’t wait to get the cover out and about. I hope you’ll stay tuned. I’m working on setting up an email subscription to send out free copies of my books before their official publication date. It’s still in the works so hang tight!

Best wishes,

♥ Elysia

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