Kicking Covers

I’ve been on this artistic “purge,” we’ll call it, as of late. I’m finding my hardest work in the past just isn’t up to par with what I envisioned. As my graphic design skills improve, however at a snails pace, I still look behind me and see where I’ve been isn’t as… exciting. 

That said, I’m cleaning a few more components of Lost Souls, Book 2 in the Infinite Spark Series before I send it off to my wonderful editor, and felt the cover I had in place didn’t do the intensity of the story justice. So, I reworked it like Stellar Fusion and Zedger.

At this point, I’m considering doing a cover and sitting on it for six months before I settle on the design permanently, or just making the “real cover” a surprise reveal right before the release of the book. Nothing ever seems “good enough,” and I’ve realized at some point I just have to say: this is it, I’m done. Moving on. There are other books that need attention.

Lost Souls is (hopefully) going to publish October 1st, 2018. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway. One of my lovely beta readers told me I should tack down a date. And, begrudgingly, because I like my freedom, I did. But my plan is to release Book Three: Penumbra early 2019. I guess it’s time I rustle the beast back in it’s cage and make some order out of chaos. Goals don’t happen on their own.

For now, here are my two covers, the old (blue) version and the new black. I’d love your comments and feedback!

Best wishes and hope y’all are having a great Friday!


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