Story Idea Video


Bethany Atazadeh:…

Thanks Lenn Woolston for the tag!…

1.CURRENT STORY: What is your current story idea that you’re working on right now?
2. SPARK OF INSPIRATION: Do your ideas begin with characters, plot, world building, or something else entirely?
3.BRAINSTORM: How do you puzzle piece your story elements together? Do you start with the ending and make your way to the beginning or vice versa?
4. KEEP OR TOSS: How do you know when you want to keep or dump a story idea?
5. ORIGINAL IDEA: How much of your original idea for your story is actually used once everything is finished?
6. HIDE OR SHARE: Do you share your book ideas with friends or keep them a secret?
7. DREAM: Have any of your book ideas originated with a dream/nightmare?
8. DOPPLEGANGER: Have you ever had an idea for a story but then see a similar premise in a book/tv-show/movie?
9. BIG SCREEN INSPIRATION – Have any of your favorite movies/tv shows sparked ideas for scenes in your book?
10. NOSTALGIA: What’s the oldest/first story idea you remember coming up with/writing down?

Even if I didn’t tag you, you’re welcome to do this! I’d love to see your answers!!

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