Universal War Novels

This is my largest undertaking as a writer. I don’t know if other authors do this, but I want you to know how big this plan is. Three series will complete the Universal War Novels. Yes, I am writing them out of order, in a manner, as I’m starting with the Infinite Spark cluster. I figured it would be the most interesting of the three. I’ll let you be the judge. Five are complete, seven are under major construction, and the rest are in outline format.

Abaddon’s Edge is the first component of the overarching UW series, containing five books preceding the pivotal change in the Suanoan’s rule over the universe

  1. Zenith Elite – (Orionate) Earth’s first encounter with the elite of the universe’s species
  2. The Last Prime – (Primvera) A soldier is tasked to protecting Earth and uncovers a hidden member of a forgotten society
  3. 300 Years – (Mirramor) The war on Earth and it’s true, alien, nature
  4. Perihelion – (Human) Struggling to piece the world together as they form Shepherd’s United.
  5. Into the Sun – (Xahu’re) The three men that make the Infinite Spark Series what it is: Tivar (Atana’s father), Sergeant Bennett Sr., and Mratus (Azure’s father), how they met, and the destruction of planet Vioras.

Infinite Spark is the second component of the UW series

  1. Stellar Fusion (on Amazon)- The Universal Protectors fight back against the invasion of Suanoa with one key player: Nakio Atana
  2. Requiem (on Amazon)- Earth patches itself together in preparation for the next battle
  3. Shadows of the Son – Bennett’s transformation begins to interweave with the fate of UP and the future of the universe
  4. Redshift 
  5. Axis Zephyr
  6. Lucid Prison
  7. Supercluster
  8. Afterglow

Spectral Renegades is the third. I’m not giving away major spoilers about this one. Just want everyone to know Infinite Spark isn’t the end.

  1. Rogue Unleashed – Kios
  2. Equinox, Supermassive – Kylo
  3. Age of Ascension – Luna

As always, things are subject to change as the novels evolve. I always aim to do the story and the characters justice. I will also do my best to make you, my readers, happy. It will likely take me several years to finish the Universal War novels, but I plan to release a new book about every six months, interspersed with my other work!

Thanks! Stay tuned!


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