Upcoming Novels 2019

I’m a fan of book series, especially when the characters are close to my heart, wield blades like their own fingers, and can torch a planet with a single, negative thought. That said, I’m completing the Embers on Ice trilogy, publishing book 3 of Infinite Spark, and starting two new series. One is centered around Cohen, a rebellious student kicked out of his floating school, Skyfire. The second follows Marci and her pieced-together team as they break into a research facility to save one of their own, only to find out a far darker truth about its purpose. But I have a few stand-alone books planned as well in Women’s Fiction and Holiday Romance.

Check out this visual rundown for the year:

A Promise in Ash

Norah has been planning for her career since she was a little girl. Her life has become everything she thought it wouldn’t be: blessed with broken expectations and tormented by irresistible opportunity. When her father takes ill, her world snowballs into chaos and she must find the strength to pull the pieces of her shattered life together without his help. Unless this time, she finally decides to let it burn.
Women’s Fiction

Shadows of the Son (Book 3: Infinite Spark)

Earth’s secret identity has been unveiled leaving its surface in chaos. The Suanoan Empire’s warships arrive earlier than expected. The Universal Protectors scramble to fight back amidst a collapsing society. Sergeant Bennett struggles more than most with his fiery metamorphosis and the knowledge and power of the universe that comes with it. His visions grow stronger and clearer everyday as do the urges to act on them. But he is bound by a Protector’s rules and logic. Will he pull himself together in time to defend his homeworld or die at the hands of a hidden enemy on Earth?

“Sometimes it is hard to be strong for others when you feel like you’re falling apart inside. I want to put myself back together first. But that takes time they may not have. They need me now. I can take a little more pain if it means saving them.”

The third book was unreasonably long so I am moving some of it to book 4, Redshift. Book 3 will hopefully be ready in July!
Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Apocalyptic

Wildfire (Book 2: Embers on Ice)

Orion’s ex has left town, but not without one final warning: a bullet stashed in her coat pocket stamped with a B. Matt, her new interest, says he’ll protect her. She doesn’t know much about him, only that he doesn’t know what Boone is truly capable of.

Not wanting to endanger Matt, Orion summons the courage to confront Boone herself only to find herself trapped. Face-to-face with the one person she never thought could betray her, Orion uncovers a secret that could tear apart her sleepy Montana hometown. Hands tied, she’s forced to decide between freedom and justice. Will Matt forgive her for the choice she makes, or will he become entangled in the chain of fate?
Holiday Romance, Cozy/Sweet Romance

— Other Books I’m Hoping to Bring You Soon —

Hibiscus Christmas (Book 3: Embers on Ice)

This book is still under construction.

At the height of the holiday season, Matt has one extra special, and secret, gift for Orion. But what should be a delightful surprise takes an unpredictable turn when long-lost family reappears with their own derisive agendas. Can Matt and Orion keep their fledgling love safe from the tides of a family storm?

Holiday Romance, New Adult Fiction

The Kiss That Saved Christmas

Claire’s husband passed two Christmases ago. Now the truck won’t start, the road isn’t plowed, and the last wedding is weeks away. Her former venue assistants were complete failures and her business is teetering on the edge. In a desperate attempt, she posts one last ad in the local newspaper. This time, she’s in need of a man.
Holiday Romance


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