Cover Preview: Redshift

As I’m finishing up book three of the Infinite Spark Series: Shadows of the Son, and preparing it for final edits, I thought I’d show off the next book, Redshift. It is under construction with plans to be ready this winter.

“We cannot continue to defend your planet retroactively. We must take the fight to them. It’s time we draw first blood.” – Azure, Redshift

Shadows of the Son is still expected to publish late this summer. A Promise in Ash, my Women’s Fiction/Romantic Suspense, will be coming out first, sometime near the end of June.

I wish I could be more definitive with publication dates. But since I’m a lone ranger and do everything except the beta reads, it’s difficult to predict when books will be ready. Life doesn’t always permit me the time I want. (Don’t we all know this…) I stay up late and get up early for this dream, for the promises I’ve made to my readers. Also to pack my husband’s lunch and coffee… by choice. He’s a good guy. Deserves it.

Am I perfect? Nah. Neither is life. I aim for the stars but expect to eat dirt. A humble dreamer… always working on it anyway.

Thanks for checking out the cover. Hope you stick around for publication! Best wishes! Hope y’all are well!


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  1. Thanks for sharing and providing updates about your writing progress. I’m looking forward to reading your future books. Keep up the good work!

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