Book Delay

After three moves since May, and one final one beginning this week (4 states away), all of my deadlines have had to be pushed back. I hate saying that. But as a self-publisher who does everything from writing and editing to cover design and formatting, sometimes I struggle to keep up with all the other demands in my life.

I always put others’ projects ahead of my own.

This year started with the snowpocalypse in Oregon. Two weeks without power. It’s not normal for the Pacific Northwest to get so much snow. We had to hand-haul sleds with jugs of water filled from the creek up the hill in the snow. Three families in one house. There might have been a bit of chaos.

We moved to North Dakota in the spring for my husband’s job and thought we were going to be there for awhile. So, naturally, since we’d been without a dog for a few years, have no children, and were feeling the emptiness, we adopted a puppy (my first). The poor baby had been rejected by his mother at 3 weeks. She’d bitten him in the face and back, so of course I couldn’t put him down after I knew that. Some peroxide, neosporin, and a lot of love… and now he won’t leave me alone! But I am so glad he feels safe with us.

Then I decided to take editing classes to help me make my books even better. Copyediting started and, a few weeks in, I found out we were moving to Wyoming.

A week later, Nebraska.

Now, California.


Did I mention my Developmental Editing class starts soon? (This wanna-be overachiever is an idiot)

We live in a camper trailer to make moving easier. But it still requires setup and takedown. My husband works 12-14 hours a day so I’m responsible for everything not-work. Between moves, class, puppy training, and Murphy’s Law, I’ve tried to squeeze in my books. This year just hasn’t been good to us. I know some of it is my fault for taking on more than I can handle. But at the time, it didn’t seem like much.

The guilt of delaying my books is still destroying me.

But I can’t force things just because I planned them or want them. I work until I can’t keep my eyes open. But sometimes it isn’t enough.

I hope my fans will understand.

The plan is to stay in California. Life should smooth out, and I’ll be able to return to my regular writing schedule, completing my 2019 book to-do list.

Books in Order of Expected Publication:

Shadows of the Son, Book 3 of Infinite Spark (publishing soon)

A Promise in Ash (publishing soon)

Wildfire (almost finished)

The Kiss that Saved Christmas (almost finished)


Redshift – Book 4 of Infinite Spark

Hibiscus Christmas


I love you guys and appreciate your patience. It’s important to me to always do what I say I will. And I will, just behind schedule. I can’t tell you how much being behind irks me. But my family must come first. I have to live with them after all. XD

My best wishes to all of you.


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  1. Thanks for the informative update. Good luck with the latest chapters of your busy life! Safe travels to you and your family!

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