Stellar Fusion is Getting Pumped!

I’m so excited to say this: Stellar Fusion is going to be featured on Pump up Your Book for the entire month of January! Whoo!

I’ll keep you updated on all the tour stops along the way! There are eighteen blog stops with a variety of content from book reviews to character interviews. I’ve written a few guest posts as well on topics like creating new languages to your fiction novel to advice for launching books.

I’m simultaneously excited and terrified. Dorothy has been patient and reassuring with my nervous self, for which I am grateful! I’ve never been featured like this before!

Stellar Fusion on Pump Up Your Book

You can view a book “teaser” trailer here:

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  1. Congratulations! As a (Lawson/Harwell) family member I applaud your success and writing talent! Love you, Nonna Monica

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