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UNICEF Ukraine Donation: July 4th

Buy or read books by Strife and help out UNICEF in Ukraine.

As we enjoy our day of independence in the USA, I think it’s only right to remember that others still fight for theirs.

All royalties accrued on July 4th will be donated to UNICEF-Ukraine. I will estimate pages read, so those with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions who read my titles will be included in the donation as well.

Children all too often suffer the consequences of the adult world. They shouldn’t have to. Many are displaced from their homes and struggling to cope mentally, emotionally, and physically.

My husband and I had looked into adopting a child at the start of the war, but adoptions were quickly shut down. I still want to help.

Join me in donating simply by purchasing a title on July 4th or reading one you already own but haven’t started. Enjoy your 4th of July and know you’re donating to a good cause.



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July 4th Donation Day

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