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Hey, everyone!

I prefer being casual. If you’re looking for the professional PR About section, scroll down.

A portion of my royalties has been donated to Wounded Warrior Project. I hope to donate to St. Jude’s and Sarcoidosis research in the future.

I’m one of those crazy chicks that loves to do everything herself. Do I sometimes bite of more than I can chew? (In terms of terrible clichés at least!) XD haha

I’m a high energy introvert that loves learning new things and challenging myself. I do everything from writing and editing to cover design, formatting, marketing, and outreach.

I love dubstep and trance as much as heavy metal. I’m addicted to candy, coffee, warm puppy scent, and exercise. I’m the queen of randomness, tangents, and organized chaos.

Yes, I use self-deprecating humor because it works for me. I laugh at the irony of things. I laugh through pain, but I also find scars beautiful and empowering.

I have a code I live by. I won’t do just anything for money. I have given away thousands of books. I’m not kidding.

My writing will always take you somewhere new, and likely talk about uncomfortable issues or concepts you may not have heard talked about before (taboo). You’ll have to trust me. I always make the ending worthwhile. I love suspense plots and close-knit characters that have to fight fate together.

A lot of my female characters kick ass – literally. But they can be sweet and sensitive too. There is a heavy influence of military in my books as well. I’m a veteran of the USAFR and am honored to have worked with so many wonderful people. (I miss you all dearly.)

My scifi contains a lot of biopunk and cyberpunk elements. I love futurism and toying with what the universe might actually be like. I also love magic, so I enjoy putting fantastical twists on stories. I also write romance (in suspense, sweet, and dark subgenres. I don’t write erotica or billionaire baby-daddy books.) I write realistic stories with extraordinary twists and occasional intimacy.

I love symbols and use them a lot in my stories. Everything has meaning or connections to the story. Sometimes it just takes a while to get to it. I know they can be sort of “meaty” with multiple layers and subplots. Just hold on. It will all be tied up in a pretty bow toward the end.

If you have any thoughts or questions on any of my work, don’t hesitate to email me at contact@elstrife.com

I love connecting with readers and hearing how my books are absorbed!

You can find me on the following:
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Bachelor’s Degrees (2)
Public Health and Human Sciences
Exercise Sport Science
Interior Design

USAFR Veteran (SSgt)

Writer’s Digest University (1)
Copy Editing Certification (click here to view)

Editorial Freelancers Association (3)
Book Mapping
Developmental Editing
Line Editing

Writers’ League of Texas (4)
Intro to the Picture Book: Writing for Young Children
Word Alchemy Lab
Mastering PR and the Media
Self-Publishing Go Bag: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Elysia Lumen Strife, Amy R. Harwell, hold’s a Bachelors of Science from Oregon State University in Exercise Sport Science and a second in Interior Design (both Public Health and Human Science Degrees). She studied art therapy for her Health Occupations and Arts and Communications Certificates of Advanced Mastery in high school. She has spent several years as a personal trainer and holds a certification in Safe Return Personal Training and Kinetic Integration acquired through Guido van Ryssegem and his Kinetic Integrations program prior to it’s development into the Kinetic Integration Exercise Professional (KIEP) certification program that it is now. She has also acquired training as a chiropractic assistant.

Now, for the traditional PR About section:


An optimist and opportunist, Strife is a self-made author, cover designer, and editor. Best known as Elysia Strife, who writes primarily sweet holiday romance, she most loves writing dystopian science fiction fantasy novels under the pseudonym variation E. L. Strife. She is an upcoming author of young adult fantasy as Elysia Lumen and looks forward to diving deeper into the world of magic.

Strife has toured castles, haunted houses, frozen caves, lava tubes, and concentration camps. She’s a hopeless empath who needs the quiescence of hiking in the Cascades, camping, and snowboarding to recharge. She also enjoys reading on rainy and snowy mornings with a fire going, even if it’s just the fake one in her RV. She craves learning new things, like how to work on her 1981 Corvette, her jeep, and the four-wheeler that just won’t budge.

Strife lives with an amazing man who can build anything he puts his mind to and a rescued dog that steals socks and chases the vacuum. Together, they travel the country—from the golden plains of North Dakota to the warm ocean of the southern Texas coast and back to the green valleys and vineyards of Oregon. Anywhere is home as long as they’re together.

If you’d like to know when Strife’s next books will be out, and to ensure you hear about her giveaways, visit her website: elstrife.com and subscribe via the links on her homepage.

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