Adult Fiction

Infinite Spark Series:
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Military, Romance



Embers on Ice:
Christian Romance, New Adult, Holiday



Books coming soon:

Below, you will find my other completed books of which I hope to bring to you soon. If only it was instantaneous! Enjoy!


Cohen (Copyright 2017)Cohen A CoverWatermark

  • Kicked out of Skyfire magic school for nearly killing another student, Cohen’s powers stripped, banned from practicing, he must relearn what it means to be human: vulnerable and alone. Taking a job in a small mining town, occupied by more than the superstitious, he finds shelter in an abandoned mansion with it’s own secrets. A familiar tapestry, a girl he can’t take his eyes off, and a panicked call from his brothers still on Skyfire start twisting his life into a magical knot of fate.
  • Theme Song: Limitless (feat. Delaney Jane) – Adventure Club

front cover wildfire


Embers on Ice: Wildfire(Copyright © 2017)

  • As Matt and Orion’s love grows, so does the trouble brewing in their little town.
    With the summer fire season quickly approaching and Matt headed back to the city on an emergency call, Orion is confronted with a past that doesn’t want to stay where it belongs.
    This time, she’s fighting back.
    But at what cost?


Zedger front Cover1smallwatermarkZedger (Copyright © 2015)

Book 1: Lucid Genesis Series

  • A tech-savvy girl saves one last man from a government program that turns children into drones of the future. When his health takes a turn for the worse, and the programmed snipers come after them, she finds herself setting foot in the one place she hoped she’d never see again. (Science Fiction, Military Science, Romance)
  • Theme song: Fortress (feat.Joni Fatora) – Illenium


A Breath Away From Human (Copyright © 2016)

  • A bot tech named Tracer has the chance of a lifetime, to work on an advanced model of cyborg of unknown capabilities and origin. But when she discovers the brutal and sickening way he and the others have been treated, she’s determined to free them from their human Masters. But being a mixed breed herself and with the Kraeten stalking the state at night, the streets paint with blood, shadows, and deception, she begins to second guess her capabilities. (Cyberpunk, Romance, Science Fiction)
  • Theme song: Dream of Love (feat. Kenny Raye) – Au5 & Heavy J

The Last Prime(Copyright © 2015)

  • Sage gets caught in a storm and is forced to take refuge with a young stranger. When the power shuts off, she finds herself entrusting her safety to him, running for her life from their otherworldly attackers- a side story to the Infinite Spark Series. (Science Fiction, Romance)
  • Theme song: Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Remix) – Bluetech

The Hellationite Paradox(Copyright © 2016)

  • A girl escapes from her tribal band when they attempt to force her to lay down her rifle and submit as a woman. The world structures crumbled, Cali finds herself hopping from one survival clan to another, searching for the one that would let her ultimately be the independent strength she felt inside without judgement or rule.(Fantasy, Romance)
  • Theme song: My Love is a Weapon (feat. Delacey) – Skrux


In Shadowed Light (Copyright 2016)

  • A soldier for Cinder realm, a kingdom of gold and glass, Torch trespasses across the border into the misty forest, on a hunch the secret to ending the wars destroying his land lay in the depths of its shadows. He discovers the darkness he finds within himself is far better than the guiding lights above.


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