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This is Boone’s side story to Wildfire, with additional chapters which preview some of what’s to come in Hibiscus Christmas, the third and final book of Embers on Ice. It’s not a necessary read, and it doesn’t adhere to the sweet and fiery romance of the series. It is much darker, but explains some of what’s going on in the background. Some readers found Boone’s character interesting, but he needed to be cut from Wildfire. Here, I’m offering those cuts, reworked into a short story for your entertainment.

You can stop this. You can free these men. Just do what we ask.

The Lost Shadow’s Gang has been Boone’s home for years. When Gauge captures Orion behind his back, Boone’s forced to make a life-changing decision, one he can’t undo. And Gauge isn’t his only problem.

His friends, his life, and his secret love are in danger. Someone else is pulling strings. Mysterious messages appear on his phone giving him instructions.

Can he find out the source?

And can he live with himself for what he ultimately has to do?

Romantic Suspense/Crime, features cursing and violence