Master List of Colors

Though it’s often not the most important part, the right color can invigorate any description. I made these lists for myself, to help me pick color names that were exactly what I was searching for. Depending on the content, you might consider selecting recognizable names within a specific category to supplement your theme.  Continue reading


5 Things I’ve Learned from Self-Publishing

I never dreamed I’d be a self-made anything… I’ve worked warehouses, maintenance, drove 2-ton rigs and flipped burgers. Yet, here I am, with two self-published books and almost twenty more waiting impatiently. Throughout this self-publishing process, I’ve learned a few key things that I’ll definitely keep in mind the third time around. Continue reading

30+ Character Clothing Styles

While writing a new book, I realized I was describing what my character had on, without knowing what style it belonged to. It made me curious. But I haven’t found many straight forward lists available online, so if you’re searching for this, I hope it helps you. I would break it down into modest vs. not, but I think we all know anyone can be either in any category.

Only general descriptions provided to help sort the styles because so many overlap. If you find something missing, please leave a comment! Continue reading