Christmas Rescued Collection

The Kiss That Saved Christmas (A Stand-alone Holiday Novel)

Claire’s husband passed away two years ago this Christmas, leaving her alone and in charge of a beautiful and overwhelming cabin venue in the Montana mountains. She’s low on cash, the truck won’t start, and fewer and fewer people are calling in event requests. With one last wedding scheduled for the year, Claire is desperate to make a good impression and needs the property in top shape.

Every assistant has been horribly problematic and disappointing in the past, so Claire breaks her rule and hires a man. Zach is prior service, down on his luck, and shamed by the town for the actions of his youth.

Can they come together in time to make the event a success? Or will her rules and his past get in the way of love?

I’m currently planning two more books for this sweet, Christian collection with different characters… It depends on interest.

The next books will (likely) be:

The Cabin that Mended Christmas

A second chance romance set in the Idaho mountains. She’s looking to escape an ex, only to find another helping out at the hideaway resort. They haven’t dated since college and find what they’ve been missing in life all along was each other.

The Ring that Captured Christmas

An enemies-to-lovers story, featuring a struggling jeweler who longs for love but has lost motivation and a struggling rancher who doesn’t understand the need for frivolous things. Can a horse named Christmas show them just what they’ve been missing?