Cover Design

Not tech-savvy? First-time author or still new to the game? That’s okay! I can make you a cover design that will fit your genre and your needs without the fee of a super fancy designer. Sure, you could buy a premade, and it would suffice. But does it really reflect your book?

While I have created shields, weapons, and other things by hand, I don’t expressly do illustrations. BUT! I blend multiple images, design text, and can handle some heavy manipulation. I can take a girl from one picture and put her in another with a different dress or hat, change hair color, eye color, shift lighting, add textures, and merge almost anything. Most of the covers below were made with 3-5 stock images. Check out the covers to decide if I’m right for you.

Design Packages:

(Introductory Pricing, More Details at Bottom of Page)

Basic eBook Cover: $60
Basic Paperback Cover: $120 ($60 if eBook cover is completed by me.)
Basic Audiobook Cover: $60 ($30 if eBook cover is completed by me.)
Package 1: eBook & Paperback $100 ($20 off)
Package 2: eBook, Paperback, Audiobook: $150 ($30 off)
Previous Customer Add On: If you bought an eBook design from me and want a paperback or audiobook now, save $10

Example eBook Cover Designs

Steamy Romance

Common Elements:

  • Shirtless/tattooed/skin
  • Dark with bright color accents
  • Elemental accents: metal, fire, etc.
  • Dramatic landscaping

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Common Elements:

  • Nebulae, moody cities
  • Spaceships
  • Bright colors
  • Weapons
  • Fire, electricity, fog, smoke
  • Magical Light
  • Digital Fonts (sci-fi)
  • Script & old-fashioned fonts (fantasy)

Sweet Romance

Common Elements:

  • Couples
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Treats
  • Animals
  • Pastels, deep natural, white with color highlight
  • Script, western

Self Help/ DIY

Common Elements:

  • Easy to read title
  • Motivational symbols
  • Simple backgrounds
  • Bright colors with contrast
  • Key blurb elements

Trilogies & Boxsets

Common Elements:

  • New front cover for set
  • Spines of each individual book cover OR new cover from single graphic

Paperback Spread

Common Elements:

  • Front Cover
  • Spine
  • Back cover with blurb and quotes

Audiobook Cover

Common Elements:

  • Same as a front cover but square
  • Some text is moved

Design Packages:

Basic eBook Cover: $60
1 1600×2500 Large Image JPG (You may request different dimensions)
1 400×600 Medium Image JPG
1 200×300 Small Image JPG
(These are RGB color for digital use)
Regular Price: $75

Basic Paperback Cover: $120 ($60 if eBook cover is completed by me.)
1 Full-Spread (front, back, spine) in JPG
1 Full-Spread (front, back, spine) in Print Ready PDF
(These are CYMK color for printer use at 300dpi/600dpi by request)
Regular Price: $150/$75 if eBook is already done by me

dpi=dots per inch, more dots makes things sharper
Note: If the length of your book changes and you need a different width spine, this adjustment is free. If you decide to go with a different size book altogether (5×8 vs. 6×9) after completion, this will incur a $25 fee for rearranging graphics.

Basic Audiobook Cover: $60 ($30 if eBook cover is completed by me.)
1 Large Square Image in JPG (1800×1800)
Regular Price: $75/$40 if eBook is done by me

Package 1: eBook & Paperback $100 ($20 off)
Regular Price: 130 ($20 off)
Package 2: eBook, Paperback, Audiobook: $150 ($30 off)
Regular Price: $195 ($30 off)
Previous Customer Add On: If you bought an eBook design from me and want a paperback or audiobook now, save $10

Rush My Design (under 2 weeks) Add 30%

I can downsize any photo for free, but I cannot move graphics around without the original PSD file. This is why it’s good to stick with one designer on a project…even if that’s not me.

What I’ll need from you:
– Tell me your genre, subgenres, themes, tropes
– Is it part of a series?
– I need to see 3 covers you like in your genre (so I can see what you’re thinking)
– What are the key elements in your book: spaceships, bicycles, pies, setting, characters
– A timeline for completion
– Do you want a cover tear-away for sneak peak reveal?

Payment: via Paypal, 1/2 up-front, 1/2 when finished.

You will get up to 3 mockup designs to pick from before the final is solidified and I purchase the images. Up to 5 images are included in the price of the eBook or audiobook. An additional 3 are included for the paperback for a total of 8.

The cover will be yours once it’s done. All I will ask is that you permit me to show it in my experience portfolio.

If you are interested in a cover design service, please let me know which package, your genre, and if it’s going to be or is part of a series. If you are outside of the US, we will need to discuss pricing.

Hey, I’m Amy! I’ve been doing cover designs since 2016, graphic design since 2003, and have a BS Degree in Interior Design. I love to venture out and try new things, so if there’s a genre I don’t have examples of, that doesn’t mean I won’t try it. (Of course, you’ll get a discount!)

I hope you’ll take a chance on my skills and get yourself a brand new cover to showcase your hard work. I care about the products I make because I know what goes into the indie author publishing process!

My ears are always open for chats. If you’re not sure what you need, just let me know in the message! Best wishes and hope you have a great day!