Cover Designs

Book Formatting, Cover Design, & Gifs!

(contact me to discuss time available and deadlines)

Book Formatting:

If you have a Word Document or .docx, I can convert it into the following:

Filtered HTML

I am also happy to set up a Print on Demand file for KDP if you can provide specifications for your book (size, page count)

**Depending on the length, the average time for me to complete: 1-2 weeks.**

Through June 2020: FREE
July 2020’s 1/2 Price: $50
2021 Full Price: $100


Cover Designs (You can see these below)

I can create PSD, JPEG, PNG, and PDF cover images for your book (in digital and print formats) including:

Front Cover: Image+ Title, Author Name, Quotes

Spine: Image Wrap/No Wrap, Text, Logo,

Back Cover: Image + Logo, Quotes, Back Matter Synopsis, Author Photo

If you have ISBNs and barcodes already selected for your print files, please let me know ahead of time. Otherwise, I will assume you are using a publisher that puts the necessary barcodes on the book (as in with KDP Print on Demand).

Disclaimer: I use stock photos to create covers. I am not an artist. However, if you want a simple design like the shield I created, please talk to me. I have the ability to construct simpler items (for a negotiable design fee).

If you have images in mind or a Pinterest Board for your book, that is helpful.

I will send you design mock-ups to choose from, then I will purchase the correct images and finalize the design.

Final images will include:

  1. eBook cover: RGB colors in three file sizes – full, medium, small as JPEG files unless otherwise requested.
  2. Print Cover: CYMK colors in JPEG and PDF file types

**Depending on the length, the average time for me to complete: 2-4 weeks.**

Since this requires me to purchase photos, 1/2 price begins now: $50 per book design
2021 Full Price: $100

Below are the covers I’ve created for my own books, with Photoshop, Manga Studio, and of course Shutterstock.

More to come! Enjoy!



Check out this cool GIF book rotator!!

If you want a simple rotator like this, all I need are the images (of comparable size) that you would like in the rotation. I will blend them and set them in a playback loop. ($10)

I’m working on the moving/shifting/sparkling style for single book images. I’ll have an example uploaded later. (This will take more time, so I’m estimating $15)

If you’re looking for a book mockup like this, with the paperback, phone, and tablet, I can also do that. (free)