Cowboy Christmas

Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas Novella

In Zoe’s rush to visit her sister’s family for the holidays before returning to work in the city, she doesn’t heed the storm warnings. Wrecking her car just outside of a small town in Wyoming, snow falling like cotton balls, she doesn’t know where to go for help. Thank goodness Chase Thornton, the nearby ranch’s ramrod, is out on patrol. Only when Zoe steps inside the warmth of the cabin does she realize how fortunate she truly is.

Chase is one handsome, single son-of-a-rancher.

But Zoe’s boss won’t stop calling to find out when she’ll be back. The roads won’t be plowed until Christmas Eve if they’re lucky. And Zoe doesn’t know the first thing about living in the country, especially not with a man who’s sworn off talking to women after his last heartbreak.

Can Chase help her survive a week on a ranch in the dead of winter?
And Can Zoe help Chase find his Christmas spirit and faith in love again?

A short and sweet holiday romance with a few curses.

Surprise Cowboy for Christmas (2023)

Getting the scoop on all the latest winter vacation hotspots has landed Callie in a very cold place. Camping in the forest wasn’t her plan, but she couldn’t risk driving with her gigantic trailer in tow when the snowstorm hit.

Forced to pull over and stay off a forest road for a few weeks until the snow melts, Callie uncovers a much more wondrous side to the middle of nowhere. She didn’t expect a handsome-as-hell cowboy to be out in the storm.

Rowan was chasing down a calf that wandered off with its mother and got lost thanks to the storm. Finding Callie was a pleasant surprise, giving him hope she’s seen the livestock. Unfortunately, he knows all too well that winter won’t do her or her 5th wheel trailer any favors. He’s got to get her out and back to civilization and warmth.

But he’s lying to himself if he thinks that’s all it is. Callie’s got nerve, living alone in a trailer. She’s the kind of woman he’s always been looking for. 

Rowan’s concern for her safety has Callie reconsidering her holiday plans. If she doesn’t stay put, she’ll have to spend Christmas with him at the ranch. She wasn’t giving a family of her own another thought after her string of bad relationships, until she met Rowan. A year of freedom on the road may have shown her she doesn’t need a man. But Rowan isn’t just any guy. He’s got heart and brass, searching for the animals in such frigid temps.

What they don’t expect is for the storm to threaten the herd and the ranch with blistering cold conditions. Callie’s used to living on the road as a travel blogger but isn’t ready for the harshness of ranch life. Rowan needs hope that there’s something more to life than work and sacrifice. 

Can they help each other find what they’re looking for? Or will the break in the snowstorm have them going their independent ways?

A sweet romance with a few curses and dangerous situations.

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Publishes November 24th, 2023

Falling for a Cowboy for Christmas (2023)

College and her internship were not what Justice expected. Everything was perfect, but she had reservations about the life her family had planned for her. It just wasn’t her.

Needing a break to consider her job offer, Justice heads home to her small, country town to visit friends and family and get their thoughts. An old friend, Brodie Warren, still wearing a cowboy hat and jeans…and still with no ring on his finger, bumps into her at the local donut shop.

Five years didn’t seem like much, but the scrawny high school kid he used to be had transformed into a brawny cowboy built for hard work. Justice stumbles over herself as he holds the door for her. Yet there’s something dark, a deep hurt in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

Justice’s best friend has all the gossip and details on everyone except Brodie. All Justice can get out of her is that Brodie is callused on the inside, broken by what he saw when he fought for his country. And he’s grumpy as hell.

Justice remembers who he used to be and wants to help him find peace. But Brodie has something else in mind, surprising even her. Can two old friends make ammends, or will their love burn out for good?

A sweet holiday romance with a few curses and mild violence.

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Publishes December 1st, 2023