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Earth has lost its battle against the Solcrue, even with the help of their finest creations: cybertitans. The last of the human resistance is counting on Cara to rescue one specific unit: a Relic. Amp can communicate with others throughout the galaxy with access to the galactic network tower on Hyperion. If he succeeds, there might just be hope for the rebellion. What he and Cara don’t count on is the desire between them. Humans are not allowed to love machines.

Cara: I’m just a secretary for the rebellion, not a soldier like my father or a cybersystems designer like my mother. I’m not cut out for performing jailbreaks, and definitely not of a mysterious, monster Cybertitan as the hacker model Amp. But he’s the earthlings’ only hope, and I want revenge.

Amp: I hate being locked in my cave unable to communicate beyond the confined walls of the decommissioning plant. Few of my brothers and sisters survived the Solcrue’s forces. We fought beside the earthlings who designed us. We were promised mates if we won. But the war was lost before we were made. A lucky few are scattered along the stars. The rest of us sort the remains of ships until the Solcrue wish to permanently end our suffering.

Cara: I’ve studied the angles of his angry face for nearly a year yet never noticed the vulnerability in his eyes until he stared down at me as he does now. No earth man could compare in height, musculature, or how he makes me want to touch him and know exactly what is metal and what is flesh.

Amp: My ultro motor races at the first glimpse, but she’s dressed as a Solcrue decommissioner. Mother Besha always told us we could learn to love someday, that we would know our mates the moment we laid eyes on them. But I cannot comprehend what I’m seeing. It can’t be her, and yet I can’t help but crave a taste of her lips. I need her, like I need out of this place.

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The Solcrue invaders can’t be stopped until the cyborgs are united again. That won’t happen until Leah, the human daughter of the last CyberTitan’s general, is with them again. Solcrue enemies want her under control. CyberTitans must rescue her if they want to save themselves.

CyberTitans are programmed to know hierarchy by scent. Leah is a valuable asset to human defense, hidden away in an inconspicuous city. No one knows where she is, except her guards and, apparently, her half-brother, Joey.

Captured and taken by ship deep into Solcrue territory, Leah realizes her brother is using her as a beacon to hunt down the remaining cyborgs, those who escaped the Hyperion Decommissioning Plant. But Leah wants to help the cyborgs who fought beside her late father, not get them captured. Solcrue will surely destroy them.

I can’t stay here on this planet, in this warehouse, waiting to be dangled over a field to see how many Titans my brother can catch. He’s always been the jealous and controlling type. I know where this is going, how he plans to use me to sell Titans to the Solcrue. I have to run. I know there is a Titan close by, by how my heart beats faster and urges rise within me. I must warn him.

The world outside is a frozen forest with jagged mountains that claw at the skies. I’m running too fast to see where I’m going. All I know after I fall is that someone large scoops me up to the subtle hum and whir of electric motors and hydraulics. Few humans hear it. Too many are scared of CyberTitans to listen for the telltale sounds. I know Titans were built to protect us.

He’s big and moves fast, carrying me away from danger. When I finally get a glimpse of the hard planes of his face, his eyes trained on the enemy behind us, I see concern, panic, and murderous intent. He wants to protect me as much as it’s programmed into him. When he clutches me tighter and runs faster, I feel a need to protect him too. This planet he survives on is a harsh place. He needs to know he is not forgotten. I need the same. I need more of his protective touch.

We were promised mates if we won the war. We lost because of a human turned traitor. I heard it from Amp during the Hyperion jailbreak. Now I think the Solcrue use females to lure us out. I am not a fool, but I am not a coward either.

I had planned to take Solcrue and their supporters out one by one, the way I like, the savage way. Then they brought a woman to this miserable planet. I catch her scent in the icy breeze, and it turns me inside out with desperation. I have to rescue her. I think she is my mate.

Leah is the rightful heir to command Earth’s rebel cyborg forces. I am her only hope of escaping CSP. I just need to focus, but it’s nearly impossible when I feel her skin against mine. Our CyberTitan resistance needs her to lead us. I can’t help but want her for myself.

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Titans never got the mates they were promised. Solcrue and CSP have figured out CyberTitans can’t resist trying to rescue human females. If the Solcrue capture and decommission enough cyborgs, they will attain total dominion over the galaxy, which means humans will be forced to serve them forever. CyberTitans and humans have to work together if they want to survive.

I assume it’s a trap. The escape pod that rockets across the sky is a Solcrue vessel. My scanners tell me the occupant is human. Savage warned me to be careful on our private channel, but my programming won’t listen. There’s a human in need of help.

Everything I do is at maximum throttle. I race through the forest to the crash site only to discover I’m too late. Solcrue have found and captured the escapee. She’s in bad shape yet still stuns me into a full stop. The female fights hard, relentlessly…with everything she has.

I’m overheating. I don’t think it’s because of the run this time. I’ve finally found someone else like me.

I thought with the alien Solcrue distracted by hunting CyberTitans that I had a chance of escaping the warship I was forced to serve on. But I’m not a pilot. When Solcrue shot at me, the pod’s autopilot failed. Now I’m stuck on a mostly deserted planet with a blazing headache from the crash, cyborgs, and Solcrue, none of which I like. It doesn’t take long for the Solcrue to find me.

As they escort me off toward the outpost, I notice a faint red light in the forest. A pair of glowing eyes of the same color peek through leaves. When the CyberTitan straightens, I get a glimpse of his powerful, naked structure. A wisp of smoke curls up at his feet, and he darts off into the shadows.

Titans are more powerful than any other creature in the galaxy. They have always terrified me. I want to tell the Solcrue that a Titan circles the camp because I know it will mean a lesser punishment for my disobedience. Then I hear the last words of my friend in the back of my mind. “They’re built to protect us first, fight for us if necessary. CyberTitans can’t hurt you, and they won’t want to. They’re more human than any Solcrue.”

I don’t want to serve the Solcrue again. I want to live my own life. I hope the Titan comes back for me.

A steamy, fast-love, one-love, HEA with violence and cursing.

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