Dead Cell

A series of short cyberpunk dystopia stories broken up into episodes for Amazon Vella.

Dead Cell 0: New Earth Prequel

3 Chapters

Tani’na and her band of half-breed soldiers are tired of living under the Thyterion rule that has destroyed their village and killed the thousands of Second Wave Colonists who befriended First. First Wave, exposed to Chromata, the native sentient life of the planet, are considered a threat to civilization.

They break into the capitol, hoping to stop Third Wave’s arrival and free the planet from Thyterion lies and control.

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Dead Cell 1: Catalyst

Revni Crasher isn’t supposed to repair cybernetic parts or prosthetics without a World Technical Franchise certification. As a junker who scraps metal and parts to survive in the modern Thyterion regime, she–like many others–can’t afford the cert or the parts despite her own needs. When the police come after her, she discovers the depth of Thyterion corruption and a silent resistance buried in its core.

Chock full of cursing, action, and raunchy characters, this story is for adult audiences.

15 episodes, first 3 are free with Vella

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Dead Cell 2: Triton Force

(Details to come)


Dead Cell 3: Rebellion

(Details to come)

Dead Cell 4: Ascent Protocol

(Details to come)

Dead Cell 5: Binary Helix

(Details to come)

Dead Cell 6: Mission 86

(Details to come)

There will be a novel at the very end of the Dead Cell series: Misfit Guardians that will feature the Dead Cell characters.

Dead Cell 7: Misfit Guardians

(Details to come)

I’m still working on this cover. It has several figures in it to make up the “team” so it’s taking me a long time to get it right! Hang in there!

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