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Sweet Romance

Embers on Ice Trilogy

Book 1: A Christmas in Montana

Kindle $2.99
Print $11.99

Orion McNalley has a heart the size of Texas—and a temper to match.
Years in service and living alone have made Matt Jefferson one callous man.
Will the spirit of the season bring them together?
Or will the secrets they hold inside keep them apart?

Book 2: Wildfire

Kindle $2.99
Print $11.99

As Matt and Orion’s love grows, so does the trouble brewing in their little Montana town. Orion’s insufferable ex has left, but not without one final warning: a bullet stashed in her coat pocket, stamped with a B. Orion’s fighting back, but at what cost?

Book 3: Hibiscus Christmas

Pre-order Kindle $0.99
Available May 1st, 2021

At the height of the holiday season, Matt has one extra special, and secret, gift for Orion. But what should be a delightful surprise takes an unpredictable turn when long-lost family reappears with their own derisive agendas. Can Matt and Orion keep their fledgling love safe from the tides of a family storm?

Embers on Ice Side Story

Catching a Constellation, Book 2.5 of Embers on Ice – A Side-story
Paperback (Amazon) $4.99 (Link Coming Soon)
Ebook link is free with purchase of Wildfire, Book 2 (at the end of the book)

Short Holiday Romance Stories

Cookies, Coffee, & Christmas

Print $4.99

A handsome stranger at the town coffee shop catches Emery’s eye, but she has to bake cookies for the holiday festival and can’t stay. His secret and her broken past keep them at a distance. Can her cookies work Christmas magic?

Christmas at the Peppermint Inn

Kindle $1.99
Print $5.99

Divinity wants out of her suffocating relationship. When a new man appears in her small, Idaho town, to stay at the bed and breakfast she works at, a surge of hope gives her the courage to move on.

Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas

Kindle $1.99
Print $5.99

In Zoe’s rush to visit her sister’s family for the holidays before returning to work in the city, she doesn’t heed the storm warnings. Wrecking her car just outside of a small town in Wyoming, snow falling like cotton balls, she doesn’t know where to go for help. Thank goodness Chase Thornton, the nearby ranch’s ramrod, is out on patrol.

The Christmas Light Keeper

Kindle $0.99 Preorder

Paperback Coming soon

The Last Blue Christmas

Kindle $0.99 Preorder Coming soon

Paperback Coming Soon

Sugar Pine Holiday

Ebook Free: Download Here
Print: $5.99 on Amazon

A rushed work trip to a mountain resort sends Ava into the humble, strong arms of a search and rescue stud.

Can he save her heart?
And can she rescue him before her time is up?

Other Holiday Romance Books

The Kiss that Saved Christmas

Kindle $2.99
Print $11.99

Zach is prior service, down on his luck, and shamed by the town for the actions of his youth.

Even after a decade of service, he can’t escape the gossip.
Claire has no option but to entrust him with the future of Briar Ridge—her future.
She just wished he didn’t have to remind her so much of her late husband. 

Science Fiction Fantasy

Infinite Spark Series (Universal War Novels – Series 2 of 3)

Book 0: Rise of the Blood Phoenix

Kindle $0.99 Preorder Now (Feb 2022)
Print (coming soon to Amazon)

Book 1: Stellar Fusion

Kindle $2.99
Print $9.99

The last survivor of the first encounter can’t explain why she knows what she does. Sergeant Nakio Atana is the Universal Protectors’ elite assassin and holds within a spark of unimaginable power. But a daring escape from an enemy ship knocked the first fifteen years of her life into darkness, leaving her with only inexplicable apathy and technical knowledge beyond Earth’s evolution.
What she is can change their future.
Sergeant Bennett must guard her with his life.

Book 2: Requiem

Kindle $2.99
Print $9.99

The skies are littered with the debris of battle. A secret is exposed, one that could destroy peaceful life on the planet and within the Universal Protectors. And now Earth must prepare to stand alone against a merciless empire.

Book 3: Shadows of the Son

Kindle $2.99
Print $11.99

Sergeant Bennett’s visions and fiery outbursts are getting stronger: a result of a power he’s only beginning to comprehend. The Universal Protectors need ships and a plan to defend Earth from approaching Suanoan Empire warships in under a week. Semilath Agutra’s survivors remain stuck in helpless orbit. More Earthlings unskin every day, exposing alien ancestry long hidden beneath the human face. When the trustworthy turn treasonous and a new threat emerges on the horizon, Sergeant Bennett discovers he’s the only one with the power to stop the destruction.

Infinite Spark Trilogy, Books 1-3

Kindle $4.99 (Save $3.98)
Paperback $21.99 (Save $9.98)

Includes the first three books:
Stellar Fusion
Shadows of the Son

Book 4: Red Shift

Kindle $0.99 Preorder Now (July 2022)

Print (2022)

Science Fiction, Dystopian

Hybrid Genesis Series

Book 0: Reclamation: Mind Jack

Ebook Free: Download Here
Print $9.99 on Amazon

Book 1: Zedger: Edge of Zion

Kindle $2.99
Print $11.99

Orion McNalley has a heart the size of Texas—and a temper to match.
Years in service and living alone have made Matt Jefferson one callous man.
Will the spirit of the season bring them together?
Or will the secrets they hold inside keep them apart?

Book 2: Oblivion: Fractured Empire

Kindle $0.99 Preorder (March 2022)

Print Coming Soon

The Disconnects are free but scattered. Astral forces hunt them every moment, capturing many and forcing them back into Program Zedger. Marci must build the rebel forces and save the consciousnesses she’s stored. The only way to preserve their future is to make it to Terminal Nine in orbit.

Book 3: Renascent: Starborn Blood

(Coming 2022 to Kindle and Print)

War has begun as Tellurians and Alluvials struggle to take back control from Astrals. A secret mission brings unexpected visitors from a distant galaxy who have their own plans for Earth’s future. They are not foreign, but a separate breed more advanced than Astrals and the power to control everyone.

Dead Cell Series
Amazon Vella

Paperback edition will be included in Dead Cell Catalyst once it publishes.

Episodes Live: First 3 are FREE
View them on Amazon Kindle Vella Here
Paperback will be live 30 days after the last episode publishes


A Wet Nose Christmas

A puppy wants a home for Christmas. The boy that adopts him learns there’s something more special than any gift under the tree… friendship.
$1.99 Kindle
$6.99 Paperback (stocking stuffer size)