Embers on Ice Trilogy

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A Christmas in Montana (Book 1 Embers on Ice) on Amazon

New Adult, Sweet, Holiday, Romance, Suspense

Orion McNalley has a heart the size of Texas—and a temper to match.
Christmas is quickly approaching. Orion’s sleepy Montana town is bustling with returning family, vacationing students, and several unexpected visitors: a friend on the rebound, Orion’s volatile ex, and a handsome silver-eyed stranger.

Years in service and living alone have made Matt Jefferson one callous man. When a surprise letter arrives from his mother, it leads him deep into a snowy world of holiday magic and Irish fire that threaten to crack his shell.

Will the spirit of the season bring them together?
Or will the secrets they hold inside keep them apart?

Extended synopsis:

Orion knows the dire consequences of pushing the body’s limits all-too-well. The daughter of a fitness legend and social butterfly, Orion lives in her father’s withering shadow, carrying the weight of a secretly broken man on her shoulders. Unable to leave her father’s side to pursue a life for herself, she remains isolated in the mountains of her Montana hometown. When her vacation plans crumble and the streets fill with others’ Christmas cheer, she’s surprised with a visit from her suddenly-infatuated best friend and the unwelcome appearance of her ex.

But, it’s the pair of brooding, silver eyes on an equally intimidating stranger that makes every breath truly bittersweet, tempting her to bend the rules that have kept her broken heart safe.

It’s been a long time since Matt felt a connection to anyone. Will Orion find the trust she’s looking for and expose him to her darkest secret in time to save them both? Or, will Matt’s past catch up with him before she has the chance?

Filled with holiday humor, tempers, sweet romance, and lots of food, Orion and Matt rediscover what it means to have hope, faith, love, joy, and a belief in something greater than themselves.

Some language and mild violence.

Wildfire, Book 2 of Embers on Ice

Sweet/Steamy, Holiday, Romance, Suspense, Kidnapping Thriller
A Year of Holidays

Orion’s fighting back, but at what cost?

As Matt and Orion’s love grows, so does the trouble brewing in their little Montana town. Orion’s insufferable ex has left, but not without one final warning: a bullet stashed in her coat pocket, stamped with a B.

Matt, her new interest, says he’ll protect her. But Matt doesn’t know what Boone is capable of. With Orion’s summer fire season approaching and Matt headed back to the city on an emergency call, Orion, alone, must face a past that doesn’t want to stay where it belongs.

While trapped as a pawn in a black market scheme, Orion uncovers the reason for the recent violent disturbances of her peaceful home in the mountains. Orion will do anything to see justice served and peace preserved. She hopes Matt can forgive her for the choices she makes.

Can Orion save Christmas from those who wish to destroy everything the season stands for?
And will Matt be able to break free of his old ways and have faith in love again?

Some language, violence, and intense situations.

If you purchase Wildfire, there’s a link in the back to get this free short side story, featuring Boone and the Lost Shadows. It’s not a necessary read, and is more romantic suspense and crime than the rest of the series but was created at the request of some readers.

This book is available in print for purchase on Amazon here.

Hibiscus Christmas, Book 3 of Embers on Ice

Sweet, Holiday, Romance, Suspense
Christmastime in Montana and warm, sandy Kauai

Wedding plans crumble as a storm moves into the Montana mountains, carrying heavy snow. Orion’s dream of a big wedding at her parents’ home gets buried in white. She can’t find a dress that fits, and Boone and the Lost Shadows haven’t all been found.

 At the height of the holiday season, when everything seems to be falling apart,  Matt has one extra special, and secret, gift for Orion. But what should be a delightful surprise takes an unpredictable turn when long-lost family reappears with their own agendas. 

 Can Matt and Orion keep their fledgling love safe?  Or will their future be burdened by the weight of the scars of their pasts?

This is the third and final installment of the Embers on Ice Series.

Features sweet romance and some cursing, violence, and suspenseful situations.

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More info on Embers on Ice:

Orion is the daughter of a bodybuilder, a bartender, and a wildland firefighter in the summers, who only wishes to find love and have a family of her own.

Matt is a veteran, personal trainer, and secretly a billionaire who feels abandoned by his family and unworthy of the love he desires.

When the two come together, fire meets ice. Orion must learn to tame her temper, and Matt must trust someone enough to open up.

They don’t count on their pasts reemerging in the present.

By book 3, Hibiscus Christmas, you’ll get to see both Matt and Orion’s love grow and change, meet new characters, and travel with them.

The Embers on Ice series is mostly sweet love, some suspense, a few jokes, a lot of food, and always features Christmas. I set it in a small town, with trips to the gulf coast and Hawaii to keep things interesting.

I love Christmas all year. I’m serious… I watch Christmas Vacation at least once a month. It’s my comedic relief and the joyful, spirited boost I need when I’m feeling worn out.


If you purchase Book 2, Wildfire, you’ll find a link at the end of the book for a bonus, FREE, side story that’s more suspense and crime, featuring background information on the main character’s ex.

Book 1: A Christmas in Montana is a sweet holiday romance, set in the wintery Montana mountains at Christmastime. It can stand alone as a holiday romance novel if you consider that Matt’s promise to protect her at the end of the book will keep her safe from anything bad that *might* happen to her. It was not supposed to be a trilogy. But, due to the interest of my readers, I continued the ex-boyfriend storyline.

Book 2: Wildfire is more suspense romance and part kidnapping thriller. It features Christmas but also other holidays as this book spans an entire year. Matt’s PTSD and his military past come back to haunt them, and the characters are pushed to their mental and physical limits. I personally think this is my favorite book of the series, but am aware not all readers may want to continue this story with it’s darker elements. Just know you can read A Christmas in Montana and leave it at that if you lean more toward Debbie Macomber than Nora Roberts.

Book 3: Hibiscus Christmas is the conclusion of the trilogy, tying up the suspense plot with the Lost Shadows and bringing closure to Matt and Orion in various ways. Yes, there is a wedding and it’s in Hawaii. The cover says that much. I did enjoy writing this book because I’ve been to Kauai for Christmas with my family. It was fun to relive some memories and create new ones for Matt and Orion.

I hope you’ll take this journey in search of trust and true love with Matt and Orion. I’m excited to have you join us!

Much Love,

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