Farmers’ Market Sisters

Hooray! I’m finally adding a sweet romance series that can be read for holidays other than Christmas! It was a hard decision, but ultimately, I’d like to have some nice romance stories for my readers to have year ’round, not just in December.

I’ve got a lot of books started and going, so these will be short novellas. The Farmers’ Market Sisters books include seven titles for the seven sisters.

Love in Bloom (Feb 2022)

Amber & Fynn

Amber doesn’t normally expect such a large bouquet request unless someone has been very bad.
Fynn isn’t her typical customer. When he returns to her farmers’ market stand, it isn’t for more flowers; it’s for a date with her. Assuming he’s up to no good, Amber turns him down only to find him again the very next day as she rests a flower beside each unloved grave.

Fynn’s standing over a headstone, one of the flowers from the bouquet he’d bought lying atop it.

A recently discharged soldier, Fynn isn’t used to talking about how he feels. Amber knows just what he needs and takes him to her family farm to get his mind off things. Fynn has no idea what he’s getting himself into between her many gossiping sisters and their intervening father. What Amber and Fynn don’t expect is for love to blossom and Fynn to finally realize what he’s needed all along.

The seven sisters of Sweet Springs Family Farm are a lot to handle after living life with his team. Can Fynn accept the change? Or will Valentine’s Day for Amber wilt and fade?

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Kiss Me for Luck (March 2022)

Rosemary & Kieran

Rosemary has always been the responsible older sister, looking after others and their family farm. One cold winter night, her family carried in a young, handsome, and soaked stranger. Kieran McAllister had risked his life to save two young animals stuck on a cliff.

Chilled to the bone upon arrival, Kieran falls ill and needs a lot of care. A burdened veteran whose fiance left him during a deployment, Kieran struggles to recover, until he discovers the beautiful Irish woman tending to him.

Rosemary gets Kieran on his feet again. Through his recovery, they find out how much they have in common. As thanks, Kieran has a special gift just for her.

When Kieran’s ex finds him again, Rosemary is forced to make a decision. Should she stay by Kieran’s side or step back and let him go to the one he loves who’s begging for him back? 

Sweet as Honey (May/June 2022)

Willow & Luca

Cherries & Sparks (July 2022)

Sky & Cameron

Be My Pumpkin (Oct 2022)

Sienna & Joel

Decked with Love (Nov 2022)

Melody & Tucker

Midnight Snow Ball (Dec 2022)

Azalea & Elias