Farmers’ Market Sisters

Love in Bloom

Amber & Fynn

Amber doesn’t normally expect such a large bouquet request unless someone has been very bad.
Fynn isn’t her typical customer. When he returns to her farmers’ market stand, it isn’t for more flowers; it’s for a date with her. Assuming he’s up to no good, Amber turns him down only to find him again the very next day as she rests a flower beside each unloved grave.

Fynn’s standing over a headstone, one of the flowers from the bouquet he’d bought lying atop it.

A recently discharged soldier, Fynn isn’t used to talking about how he feels. Amber knows just what he needs and takes him to her family farm to get his mind off things. Fynn has no idea what he’s getting himself into between her many gossiping sisters and their intervening father. What Amber and Fynn don’t expect is for love to blossom and Fynn to finally realize what he’s needed all along.

The seven sisters of Sweet Springs Family Farm are a lot to handle after living life with his team. Can Fynn accept the change? Or will Valentine’s Day for Amber wilt and fade?

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Love in Bloom

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Kiss Me for Luck

Rosemary & Kieran

Rosemary has always been the responsible older sister, looking after others and their family farm. One cold winter night, her family carried in a young, handsome, and soaked stranger. Kieran McAllister had risked his life to save two young animals stuck on a cliff.

Chilled to the bone upon arrival, Kieran falls ill and needs a lot of care. A burdened veteran whose fiance left him during a deployment, Kieran struggles to recover, until he discovers the beautiful Irish woman tending to him.

Rosemary gets Kieran on his feet again. Through his recovery, they find out how much they have in common. As thanks, Kieran has a special gift just for her.

When Kieran’s ex finds him again, Rosemary is forced to make a decision. Should she stay by Kieran’s side or step back and let him go to the one he loves who’s begging for him back? 

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Kiss Me for Luck

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Sweet as Honey

Willow & Luca

Willow never expected to find love on the side of the road. But there was Luca Jacoby, hood up, steam billowing out of his truck. It was quite the Saint Patrick’s Day luck.

A journalist for an agricultural magazine, Luca is visiting her family’s farm to write an article on sustainable farming. His surprise appearance has Willow clinging to his stories of other farms and the beautiful countryside across the states. She’s always wanted to travel. But her family farm needs their pollinators in tip-top shape, and Willow doesn’t trust anyone else to give them the perfect care. And springtime at the local farmers’ market is her busiest time of the year.

Luca wasn’t planning to stay, but when he learns how critical bees are, and he sees Willow without a bee suit on, covered in her favorite friends, he discovers something magical. Willow brings buzzing happiness into his stagnant world of cubicle life and lengthy trips to remote places. If only he could get over his fear of insects.

Willow longs to see the world. Luca wants to slow down. Will they be able to find a sweet spot in the middle? Or will their parting sting?

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Sweet as Honey

Cherries & Sparks

Sky & Cam

Sky has been waiting for Cam to come home from war. When he arrives but doesn’t call, she wants to know why.

Sky has always been faithful to her high school sweetheart. They’ve been together for years, since long before Cam decided to join the military. She stayed with him despite his lengthy deployment, worrying phone calls, and often weeks or months without a word. For Cam to not call her after getting off the plane makes Sky fear he has changed. His previous concerns about her not liking who he has become have her on edge.

Cam left everything behind, including his goal of being a professional pianist, to escape his micromanaging, high-expectation parents, and a sister living the perfect American dream life. Still, despite the miles between them, his heart remained at home with Sky. Now that he’s back, he isn’t the same mentally…or physically. After being medically retired from service, Cam’s sense of purpose is lost.

With the summer packed with Cam’s favorite hometown Fourth of July events, Sky hopes to show him that he can still find happiness there with her. From the family picnic and the town parade to the local rodeo and fireworks display, there are plenty of opportunities for Cam to enjoy being home. It just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Can Sky show Cam the healing power of love? Or will Cam push her and everyone else away for good?

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Cherries & Sparks

Be My Pumpkin

Sienna & Joel

Sienna has always been the farm’s marketing specialist. But when the pumpkin patch opens for the season, attendance is unexpectedly low. Joel Kirsch is only supposed to be there installing a security system, but he wants to help. Autumn is his favorite season.

Together, they plan a last-minute fall festival to bring in extra customers. It takes a lot of work to get the word out online and schedule events for the weekend. If the festival flops, Sienna worries about what it will cost the farm and if she’ll be stuck with truckloads of pumpkins in the fields.

But Joel has a secret plan to boost Sienna’s sales. He hopes she isn’t upset when she finds out what he worked out without her input.

Will Sienna forgive Joel for the strings he pulls and see the truth behind his actions? And will the festival be a winner or a frost-laden waste?

Be My Pumpkin

Decked with Love

Melody & Tucker

Every year, Melody donates Christmas trees from her farm to local families in need. Someone calls in a special, anonymous request, sending Melody on a new charity mission.

Tucker, the new school teacher in town, has discovered a family in need of a lot more than a tree. He’s heard rumors she’s an angel in disguise, a gentle soul who is eager to help, and who always carries Christmas spirit wherever she goes. Melody aims to always be available for anyone in need. 

Together, Melody and Tucker work to make one family’s season extra bright and come to realize it’s doing the same for both of them. But when Melody’s trees vanish from her lot, she starts to wonder who’s helping who.

Tucker swears he had nothing to do with it and takes it upon himself to find out what happened and where the trees went. Heartbroken that her stand will be empty on Christmas Eve, Melody heads back to the farm to cut down more trees, eating into her stock for next year.

When Tucker returns, will the news be good or very bad? Can he save Melody’s Christmas tree lot, or will she be forced to turn and walk away, leaving both him and the empty lot behind?

Decked with Love

Midnight Snow Ball

Azalea & Elias

Azalea’s baked goods have earned her a reputation among the locals, but so has her rough and wild attitude. A new Farrier arrives at the farm to care for the horses. He’s a hard, lonely man in need of some quality cooking.

Azalea needs a date for the New Year’s party, but she’s independently minded and hates compromises. But she’s tired of hearing how she’s going to be alone forever. Six sisters, plus her friends and parents, have pushed her over the edge. She’s got to find a man to go with her to the New Year’s Eve Midnight Snow Ball just so they’ll leave her alone.

Elias seems like a tough and tolerant man. He might do for a fake date. She just has to convince him to put up with her for one night. 

But Azalea doesn’t count on his feisty attitude or liking it so much. When Elias starts sticking around for more than just to care for the horses and steal cookies from her fresh batches, Azalea realizes she might have a problem. Elias might actually like her. 

Will Azalea finally discover love in Elias? Or will she stick with her plan of one fake date then leave him, and the idea of dating, behind her for good?

This is the final book of the Farmers’ Market Sisters Series.

Midnight Snow Ball

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