What’s great about eBook formatting now? Many publishers have their own programs. Amazon has Kindle Create. Draft2Digital (an online aggregate publisher) has one of the easiest platforms to simply upload your book, enter your data, pick the theme you want, and then you can download it right from there!

Kindle Create is an Amazon program you download to your computer.
Draft2Digital is an online platform you can access via any web browser.
Some simply let you upload a Word document.

It’s important to sort out where you want to publish (which platforms) and find out what their requirements are. Once you know those, you can decide where to go from there.


This one gets a bit trickier because it requires knowing the size of the pages and other details like what you want to put in the header, footer, and how much spacing you want for your margins.

For Mac users, Vellum is the primo program. For Windows, a lot of people use Adobe InDesign. InDesign can also be used for eBooks. But both of these programs have a price. If you’re up for doing formatting yourself, I highly recommend those for super professional-grade products.

Do you have to buy a fancy program? No. I haven’t. I have 30 books out that were all formatted in Word and the publisher’s ebook program. You can totally do this yourself.


Kindle Create KPF file Formatted for Amazon eBooks: $39

I can take your word document and format it with their program, put in chapter header images, change fonts to reflect the genre, add author photo etc.

Word-Formatted Paperback $49

Custom-tailored to fit your book size, margins, justification, chapter start positions, inserting images as desired, add in author photo, etc.
$59 for over 100,000 word titles

Please note: if you are outside of the USA, please message me for pricing information.

What service are you looking for?

Hi! I’m Amy. I do formatting. I’ve formatted all my own books. If there’s a program you’re having trouble with and are trying to find an alternative, you are welcome to chat with me, even if my services aren’t what you’re looking for.

There is always a way. Even if it’s not with me, maybe we can find the answer together!