front cover wildfire

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  1. I tried to download the short story about Boone at the end of this book,but the link got me a to a Sci-Fi story

    The series “Embers on Ice” is amazing!! Can´t wait to read the last book in the series.

    Thank you for wrting it!

  2. Hi Gloria! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! This might sound crazy but “Catching a Constellation” is the right book! Orion is a constellation, and Boone wishes he could have her… so it’s about him trying to save Orion… like the constellation tattoo on his arm. Does that make sense? Sometimes us creative nuts get a little too creative maybe! haha. Okay, I just checked the link from the ebook and it does take us to Boone’s page with a link to the story. I checked the links on Boone’s page just to be sure and all three take me to Catching a Constellation, which is correct! Definitely get in there and snag that free short story!

    I hope you are well and safe where you are! Best wishes! And THANK YOU for reading Wildfire!!

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