Heat Levels

This is the scale used for the content of all my books. If any one component exceeds a projected level, I will bump it up. For example, Stellar Fusion has regular profanity, violence, and gore, but its romance category would be Just Sugar. However, it is listed as Spicy for the other content.

Level 1: None (Romance/sensuality not a main component, no profanity, no violence)

Level 2: Just Sugar (Kissing, no intimacy, some profanity, some violence)

Level 3: Spicy (Some described intimacy, profanity, violence, gore)

Level 4: Reckless (Intimacy in detail and often, lots of profanity, violence, gore)

Level 5: Cutthroat (Sex and/or violence is main focus, alternative lifestyles, profanity saturation, heartless gore and violence)

Books in each Category:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3