Hybrid Genesis

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A free prequel novella coming spring 2021. (Projected for April)

Marci is in need to special supplies for the soldiers she cares for. But what she needs can only be found in one place, the last standing city of Tellurians. There, she must bargain and fight for her right to trade, to prove her worth the Tellurian way. Marci finds herself helping other soldiers that have been dumped from the Astrals’ program Zedger. But this latest batch of failures had lost their minds through their splays linked to the Genesis Hub. Marci must go inside to salvage what she can. What she finds brings lead rain from the Astrals in the form of Blood Titans.

Can Marci save the soldiers and her people? Or is this their last stand?

Book 1, Zedger:

When a soldier is found nearly dead in the basalt flow south of Marci’s house, and he can’t remember what happened, Marci realizes he is a sign her hideout has been discovered. Marci, one of many abducted as children from summer camp and one of the few to escape Ingrid’s experimental biotech program, has been caring for the washed-out soldiers and giving them new lives after their disconnect. But Levi is different and needs a special device to control the Cerithimite in his blood–a device she can only get from one place: Ingrid’s facility. What Levi uncovers when they get caught in the system again, is a threat to much more than themselves.

Book 2: Oblivion: Fractured Empire

This book is under construction and will publish later in 2021. 

Marci, Levi, and Mason now have the duty of caring for thousands of Disconnects, including those consciousnesses Marci saved from Abrogation. Trouble is, the only way to truly set them free is to find a way to Transcendence, the city orbiting Earth, guarded by BloodTitans and their other fellow Tellurians, soldiers like them, tortured like them. There will be bloodshed. They have no idea the upcoming battle will take the turn it does… leading them far deeper into space. 

Book 3: Renascent: Starborn Blood will release in 2022.

All I’m going to say about this is there’s an ancient history the Astrals are hiding from Tellurians and Alluvials, and it’s bigger than this galaxy.