IndieUP Services

Are you ready to indie-up? Becoming a published author shouldn’t be intimidating. It should be exciting!

My services are best for first-time and relatively new authors. I have hit #1 on the Bestsellers charts on Amazon. Technically, I can claim the status, but it still feels strange!

I’ve paid premium prices for “bestselling” courses and ended up paying twice. When we’re done working together, my hope is that you have a solid grasp on your book(s) and your career so you can only grow from here.

There aren’t any squeeze funnels here with offers that expire in 15 minutes. You should never make a financial decision on a whim unless you’re prepared for it and just waiting for the opportunity to arrive.

Take your time, look around, then send me a message or book a free consultation with me at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Genres I Work With:

Cozy Mystery
Science Fiction
Romance (clean, steamy, PNR, Sci-Fi)
Women’s Fiction
Young Adult
Middle Grade

Check out my Fiverr page here: IndieUP

Want an alternative? Robert Harrison has cover design and formatting services for authors. He’s a kind person to work with and is a fellow author. You can check out his services here:

Author Platform & Book Planning

Here, we talk about your career plan & goals with your current and/or future works. We’ll cover branding and how important it is when setting up your platform. We’ll also talk about what a platform is.

We’ll go over books: Genres, lengths, Stand-alones vs Series, pricing, time to publishing, and pseudonyms

Cover Design

First-time author? Just not artistic? Do you need a cover but think the DIY in free apps look tacky and not specific enough to your book? Afraid someone else might have a too-similar cover from a premade site?

I’ve got you covered. Get it? Haha, now that’s tacky! While I’m not an illustrator I can do smaller items and lots of photomanipulation. I’ve had several design courses, so I’m certain I can match your genre and produce a cover worthy of becoming the packaging for your hard work.

Book Critiques

Just want to swap with other authors but don’t know what or how to critique? Get the Cheat Sheet for Free that covers all the basic concepts.

Not sure where your writing stands? I’ll take a look and give you a breakdown summary of multiple elements.


There are many stages to editing that I’ll cover, as well as tips for DIY and the great books you can read to help you edit yourself.

Editing is not a stage I recommend skipping even for skilled writers. Some people try to get away with one round of beta readers (we’ll go over these) or critiques and think that’s enough on a novel. I’ll explain here why it’s not and how editing can set you apart from the masses.


I know, this one is a doozy for a lot of people. There are two kinds of marketing: personal, otherwise known as warm, outreach and cold calling/ad running.

Things we’ll look at when seeing up your marketing plan:
How do you set up a quality book launch?
What’s a newsletter?
How do I find authors to swap with?
Where do I get reviews?
What’s a preorder?
How do I keep my sales up in the first critical month?
How do I keep sales coming in after launch?

If you don’t market your book, no one will know they need to buy it. This is just as important as writing the book in the first place.

No idea how to write a synopsis or blurb? How about ad copy? A lot of ad sites require short text known as “copy” to compliment your book cover when they run your ad.

Book Coaching

Want someone with you every step of the way so you can ask questions and get feedback on new writing? I’ll help you with everything from book concept to proofing whether you want to do it yourself in the future, you’re a one-and-done business, or you plan to start new projects with continued help in the years to come.

Message me on my Fiverr page IndieUP and let me know what you’re looking for. I’ll create a custom order and open availability just for you!


Hi, I’m an indie author, editor, marketer, cover designer, and self-publisher of over 25 titles in 4 genres. I do it all. I’m self-taught, but I took a lot of expensive classes and networked like crazy.

I have 2 BS degrees and am a veteran. I know what hard work and meeting deadlines can do for the future of our businesses. Quality work is critical. Well-branded work is important in reaching the right readers.

Let me help you achieve your goals. Not sure where to start? First time Author? Just message me on Fiverr. I’m happy to help!

Looking for query help? I’m not involved in traditional publishing. If you’d like to get more info on queries and traditional publishing, check out: Writer’s Digest Tips on Queries

Please note: if you are outside of the USA, please message me for pricing information.