Infinite Spark

Space battles, aliens, biotech, magic, and romance in a post-apocalyptic universe.

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The Universal War Novels are my biggest undertaking as a writer. I don’t know if other authors do this, but I want you to know how enormous this plan is. Three series will complete the Universal War Novels. Yes, I am writing them out of order, in a manner, as I’m starting with the Infinite Spark cluster. I figured it would be the most interesting of the three. I’ll let you be the judge. Five are complete, seven are under major construction, and the rest are in outline format.

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Rise of the Blood Phoenix
Stellar Fusion
Shadows of the Son

Book 0: Rise of the Blood Phoenix on Amazon

Jameson Bennett has lived a hard life in the ruins and slums of a post-apocalyptic city. By the age of eight, he was on his own, his family burned alive, his father rumored a deceased member of the Shepherds United, the only peace-keeping force left on Earth.

Caught stealing food for a girl the age his brother would have been, Jameson is forced to fight in the Knock-pits… not for his freedom. For her life. Meyriss might only be about five, but he knows she’s gifted.

An unexpected raid separates Jameson and Meyriss, thrusting him into the militaristic world of the Universal Protectors, the new force taking over the Shepherds United.

He is trained, drugged, and drained of hope. But he can’t quit. He’s one step closer to finding out what happened to his father and his family. If only the serum he was put on wasn’t so damn effective.

When the skies alight with fire from an unknown enemy, Jameson’s skills and training are put to the test.

This enemy is unlike any Jameson or the Universal Protectors have confronted. Battle rages on, and Bennett must dig deep to decide if he’s up for the fight or if he’d rather just watch everything burn.

Book 1 Stellar Fusion: on Amazon

(5 Stars Readers’ Favorite)
This isn’t the first invasion. This time, they’re taking everything… and everyone.

Earth, still patching itself together from the 300 Years War, is severely unprepared and outnumbered when the invasion hits. Their only hope is a small team of peace-keepers on a suicide mission to infiltrate the mothership and relay critical defense information home.

The last survivor of the first encounter can’t explain why she knows what she does. Sergeant Nakio Atana is the Universal Protectors’ elite assassin and holds within a spark of unimaginable power. But a daring escape from an enemy ship knocked the first fifteen years of her life into darkness, leaving her with only inexplicable apathy and technical knowledge beyond Earth’s evolution.

What she is can change their future.
She is the tip of their spear.
Sergeant Bennett must guard her with his life.

Together, Atana and Bennett lead the team in hopes her knowledge, and his crew’s skills, will render them a soft spot in the alien armor. What they find when they reach the mothership is entirely unexpected. The truth they uncover will challenge the code they live by and their concepts of the power within.

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Book 2 Requiem: on Amazon

(Three 5 Star Reviews Readers’ Favorite)

Humanity is no longer a human term.
The skies are littered with the debris of battle. A secret is exposed, one that could destroy peaceful life on the planet and within the Universal Protectors. And now Earth must prepare to stand alone against a merciless empire.

Shepherds struggle with new concepts of identity, the failing serum effectiveness, and the strain to prepare for what is fast approaching the planet. Their new truths are filled with lies, their strengths with unforeseeable weaknesses. Yet they must form alliances with the survivors in preparation of a new threat, one that few have ever seen.

Back Cover:
“They were the last to die because of the Suanoa. They passed knowing hope in their hearts, knowing of the mutiny, of the future of freedom. Their spirits rest pain-free and no longer under Suanoan rule. They do not have to fight anymore, but we do.”
As the shepherds and Earthlings begin to uncover their hidden past, relations tremble. With the Earth in chaos, the skies littered above, and the threat looming in the stars beyond, they must find a way to fight the new demons within and prepare for their toughest battle yet.
“Even on the darkest night, we are their shepherds, their guiding light.”

Book 3 Shadows of the Son on Amazon

Sergeant Bennett’s visions and fiery outbursts are getting stronger: a result of a power he’s only beginning to comprehend. The Universal Protectors need ships and a plan to defend Earth from approaching Suanoan Empire warships in under a week. Semilath Agutra’s survivors remain stuck in helpless orbit. More Earthlings unskin every day, exposing alien ancestry long hidden beneath the human face.

When the trustworthy turn treasonous and a new threat emerges on the horizon, Sergeant Bennett discovers he’s the only one with the power to stop the destruction. Only two descendants remain of the La’kian, the third original species. They are the last who possess the life-sparks capable of defeating the Suanoa.

During a visit with his father, the Prospector, Bennett learns he was designed to protect them—the universe’s most valuable assets. Nothing is predictable. No one is reliable. And the Suanoan Empire won’t hesitate to kill any who resist.

Will Bennett accept his new charge in time to save Earth and the Origins?

Or will the universe be forced to snuff out his light?

Trilogy Edition features Books 1-3

Book 1: Stellar Fusion

Book 2: Requiem

Book 3: Shadows of the Son

Available on Amazon

Can save a little by buying the books together. The paperback comes as one gigantic book.

Book 4 Red Shift Coming July 1, 2022

Sergeant Bennett is missing, among many others from all sides. Atana, still healing from the battle with imperial Oomuas and saving Cutter’s life, struggles through repairs of their stolen vessel to search for those MIA. Semilath Agutra’s sector core has been severed, and the kiatna on board need a planet to call home. Earth’s crust burns with debris from ships. The Universal Protectors’ Command has fallen. Human Cataloging systems are down. Few remain to tell the stories of war.

“The only way this ends is if we take the fight to them. It’s time they understand the suffering they’ve served us.”

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Universal War Novels

Series Infinite Spark

is the first component of the UW series. It used to be the second, after Abaddons Edge, but I’ve scrapped this series due to lack of interest. I may stop after Red Shift if the series doesn’t pick up with the fifth publication. I want to write what people want to read.

0: Rise of the Blood Phoenix

1 Stellar Fusion (on Amazon)

2 Requiem (on Amazon)

3 Shadows of the Son (on Amazon)

4 Red Shift (2022)

5 Axis Zephyr (Pending outcome of RS)

6 Lucid Prison

Series Spectral Renegades

is the third. I’m not giving away major spoilers about this one. Just want everyone to know Infinite Spark isn’t the end.

  1. Rogue Unleashed – Kios
  2. Equinox, Supermassive – Kylo
  3. Age of Ascension – Luna

As always, things are subject to change as the novels evolve. I always aim to do the story and the characters justice. I will also do my best to make you, my readers, happy. It will likely take me several years to finish the Universal War novels.

Until then,

Evusviia vi itu ahna | Stars be with you (Xahu’ré)