Marketing Plan

Ugh… I have to do what?

I hate to say it, but marketing is just as much our job as authors as it is to write and edit the books we publish. But it isn’t simply about running a boatload of ads. It’s about running the right ads at the right time to our ideal readers. I mean, you wouldn’t run an ad for a contemporary romance to a bunch of sci-fi readers. You could, but please don’t. It actually goes much deeper than this. You really have to consider subgenres, maturity rating, and themes.

If you’re trying marketing on your own, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t run an ad to a general list: 200,000 subscribers! Yeah, but what do they read? Always always always break it down (niche-down) as much as you can
  • Don’t run off-season ads: Halloween paranormal around Easter? Nah. Not gonna get your money’s worth. Christmas only sells in July, November, and December. Not a lot of people want beach reads in December, but they really start picking up in March.
  • Stick your ad fingers in lots of platform buckets: the more readers look organic to your publishing platform (coming in from all over) the better you’ll train their algorithms.
  • If an ad doesn’t perform well, change it: the platform, the ad copy, the sale price, the cover, the sales page info, the ad banner image (if applicable). But always change one thing and re-run it. That’s how you determine if that was the broken link.

So what’s the difference between warm and cold marketing?

We all know what a cold call is. Someone just dials your number “Hey, do you want to buy my vacuum? It’s great, I promise!” Um, no thanks. This is what running ads is like. Lots of people are going to see those ads, but unless they know you’re name, it’s like a cold call. How do you get them past that? Flashy cover. Sharp and intense blurb. Deep discounts.

Warm marketing always delivers more solid results. With cold-calling ads, you might see 2,000 or even 3,000 downloads of a free book, but the number of people who are invested in that book is very small because they didn’t pay for it. Warm marketing is going to come from people who already follow you. Those will be your fans on your website, social media, and your newsletter subscribers.

Author Platform Plan

Your Author Platform is your warm marketing plan. Here, we’ll take a look at your website (or setting one up), the branding you’ll want to get set up, your social media accounts, setting up a newsletter (and what to put in it), as well as where to find your first readers. We’ll talk reader magnets, call-to-action set-up, and how to grow your newsletter for free and faster for a price.

Author Platform Plan $25

Marketing Plan Outline

This is your cold-calling plan. There are ways to warm your audience on social media with Facebook Ads and BookBub ads. We’ll discuss those options as well.

If you don’t have a plan for marketing, no one will see your book and know they need to buy it. We’ll talk about how to get reviews, Launch week ads, the first month’s ads, and how to keep going with evergreen ads.

This comes with a timeline sheet to help you figure out when you need to be thinking about setting everything up.

Marketing Plan Outline $49

Not a pro at writing ad copy yet?

What is “copy?” Yes, it’s a thing you do when you make a duplicate of something, but it’s also a term for a special group of words used to convey a specific message. Ad copy is the text that goes with an ad on a website that features your book for a short time. Sales page copy is the text that explains to the reader what the book is about and hooks them into buying it. It has to be engaging, dramatic, set the stakes for the characters, and fill the reader with a sense of the book’s mood.

Another critical component is metadata. To optimize your copy for search engines (SEO) you’ll want to be sure you have key words related to your genre, subgenre, themes, tropes, setting, and characters in your copy. Working them in without having them stand out is a bit tricky, but very important.

Want to do an Author Interview?

You’ll be featured on Illuminating the Process, here on You’ll have to answer a questionnaire and include an author photo as well as any book covers and links for where readers can find your book.

Posts go out on Wednesdays or Fridays. You can request a special date to work in conjunction with your book launch etc.

Need ad copy/a blurb?

$10 | 150 characters or less
$15 | 300 words or less

Need sales page copy?

$69 | Banner tag line + 3 paragraphs, up to 500 words

Need help refining the sales page copy you wrote?

$39 | I’ll rework your sales page copy

Please note: if you are outside of the USA, please message me for pricing information.

What can I do for you?

Hi! I’m Amy. I had marketing classes in college, have practiced skills with my nearly 30 titles, and learned from multiple professionals online (which I paid out the wazoo for). I’ve refined my processes and skills and have hit number 1 on Amazon several times.

It takes planning, not buying ads on a whim. I write in multiple genres and still manage it because I have a system that works.

If you’ve never done marketing or only dipped your toes in, it can be a big scary world out there, I know. There are tons of organizations that can guarantee number 1 slots. I don’t do that because I don’t have the funds to back it. I also don’t charge nearly what they do. But I can help you get out there and get noticed without breaking your bank.

I’m an indie author. I do everything. I’ve fallen hard and picked myself up. I don’t want you to have to learn that way. Let me help you get your book get off to a solid start without the headache.