Mega-city Crimes

This series features cyberpunk cities providing very different lives for the characters. Meet Razer, an Ion Hunter who catches battery addicts. Kaisha is a Code Reaper and protects people’s good names from hackers after her clients pass. Daron, a Mind Breaker, remains connected to the grid, passing information through the underground.

#0: Ion Hunter

We used to rely on batteries. Now, they’re illegal. Sadi and I hunt abusers who peddle the toxic materials. What we don’t expect is the sudden atypical shift in criminals. They’re good people. Something isn’t right.

Ion Hunter is a short story that can be found in Crooked, Volume 2.

Check out Crooked, Volume 2

#1 Code Reaper

In a digital world, who strips your online presence when you die so no one can steal your assets, ruin your name, or destroy your family after your death?

Kaisha is an elite Code Reaper for Divisiom Enterprises, helping to sever digital ties of the dead and protect their life’s achievements from hackers. After the mysterious murder of her parents, Kaisha sticks to the shadows, burning the existence of the less fortunate, like them, from the online realm.

Kaisha has learned to protect herself and the assets of the lower classes while she works. She has no desire for the cushy life of a Corporate Code Reaper. Even a simple hack can ruin an entire family.

When a major corporate player, Mr. Deranth, unexpectedly summons her to wipe his digital slate, she’s stunned. But Deranth has picked her for a reason. It isn’t supposed to be his time to die.

Kaisha finds herself chasing a trail of early deaths, trying to find signs of murder in the code. Divisiom wants her to leave it alone and just do her job. When she won’t stop, Divisiom hunts her down.

Teaming up with Holt, one of Mr. Deranth’s guards, Kaisha discovers a dark truth behind the corporate leader’s murder, one that opens her eyes to a powerful virus coursing through the underground. With cyber squads and soldiers after her, Kaisha must pull from every skill set to find the source before its evidence is erased forever.

Can she stop the virus before she becomes the next client on another Code Reaper’s scrub list?

#2 Mind Breaker

Daron has never been physically strong, but his mental acuity and stability earned him other merits. Now he works as a Mind Breaker, hacking people’s implants, hunting for memories and thoughts of crimes.

He’d wanted to help people heal, but when the feds came for him, claiming he’d wiped a critical memory without authority, he became bound to serve them or die in prison.

Unable to pursue a deadly criminal on his own, he reaches out to his Ion Hunter sister and Kaisha for help. The deeper he dives, the more favors he has to ask for.

Daron doesn’t want to risk any other casualties and builds himself a mobile platform from which he can connect to the grid.

In a daring move, he breaks a rule and dives into his subject’s dreams. What he uncovers could cure him, but it comes with a hefty price.

Mega-City Crimes
Ion Hunter
Code Reaper
Mind Breaker

I’m toying around with another Ion Hunter idea to give Razer a full book. But I also have an idea for another character. As always, if you like a story and want more from a specific character or city, just let me know. It means a lot to me to hear from fans. You might just get your idea turned into a book.