Reader Dedications

These annual books are dedicated to regular readers who each participated in a unique challenge and won. These books cannot be requested. Challenges are for regularly engaged subscribers only.

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Dedication 1 (2021)
The Last Blue Christmas

Dedication: E. Langston

Lilith Angstrom thought her high school sweetheart had disappeared forever when he left her to chase his dreams of big business. That was, until she bumped into him, twenty years later, in a quaint little town near the Great Smoky Mountains.

Presley had found her runaway puppy.

Lilith hadn’t expected Priscilla to be so rambunctious or quick, especially in the slippery, fall leaves. With her late husband’s departure and both her children off to college, Lilith adopted the toy poodle to fill the silence. She took a traveling nursing position to keep herself busy, and it led her straight back to Presley’s shining blue eyes and that smirk that held back a joke that could lighten any mood even on a rainy day.

Handsome as ever, with a dose of shyness she didn’t remember, Lilith isn’t sure what to do about Presley. She’d loved him deeply, even envisioned a family with him. He’d thrown it all away, for what? But Presley has held a secret pain behind his smile since the day he knew what he had to do.

Can Lilith learn to forgive him? Will Presley confess? Or will the fresh reminder of what’s been lost start the first of many extra blue Christmases to come?

A clean (no cursing or intimacy), sweet, second chance, holiday romance.

Dedication 2 (2022)
Wrapped Up with You this Christmas

Dedication: P. Kay

Natalie Carlisle hasn’t been home in years. After serving her time in the military, she got the necessary education and started a position as a traveling teacher, going to remote places all over the world. But even after all of her adventures, something is missing. 

Bumping into a long-lost interest from her military days, Natalie strikes up a conversation and discovers Trey Tyler has been traveling too, training teams across the country in survival readiness. After an impromptu date at Niagara Falls, they go their separate ways. 

Natalie can’t get him off of her mind. 

When Trey shows up in her newly assigned small town in the mountains of Vermont, she’s surprised. He’s tracked her down to confess something. But as a blizzard rolls in and word of a group of stranded teens comes over the radio, their plans for dinner get swapped out with bags of equipment and snow gear.  

Trey isn’t going to sit by with his skill set. He’s going after them. Natalie doesn’t want him to search alone. They team up with other Search and Rescue volunteers in hopes of finding the teens. 

 Fighting to save those lost helps Natalie and Trey remember why they worked so well together, years back. But when the truth comes out, will Natalie forgive Trey for the secret he’s kept? And will she give him a chance to make things right or walk away and start a new life?

Dedication 3 (2023)


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