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Reclamation: Free Prequel Novel Hybrid Genesis

Marci, a super soldier and escapee of the Astral’s bio-enhancement military program Zedger, has found new purpose in rescuing others like her. But she can’t do it alone, and not without parts. In need of special supplies to repair the soldiers the Astrals discard, Marci must travel to the last standing city of Tellurians. There, in EsoTerra, she must fight for her right to trade with others for what she requires. She tries to hide her identity, mask her skills, play down her expertise, but too many have heard rumors of her. Soon, she finds herself helping other soldiers that have been dumped from Zedger. Recently disposed soldiers have lost their minds somewhere in the Genesis Hub. Marci must deep dive their cerebral enhancements to figure out why and salvage everyone she can. What she discovers when searching the Genesis stream alerts Astrals to her position. Lead rain falls from the sky in the form of BloodTitans.

Can Marci save the soldiers and her people? Or is this the Tellurians’ last stand? Features cursing and violence.

Get it here: Reclamation Prequel

Dead Cell: New Earth Prequel

3 Episodes

Tani’na has watched her home burn, all because her parents were from different waves of colonists. First Wave is infected with Chromata, an inky, sentient liquid native to New Earth. Third Wave intends to control the problem. but Tani’na knows the truth about the monster inside her and the empire that sent her to quarantine.

Get the prequel episodes to Dead Cell here.

Free Flash Fiction: A Touch of Revenge.

This has spurred a space opera series that I’m still outlining.

Read it here: A Touch of Revenge