Infinite Spark Series

Stellar Cover RGB UWNStellar Fusion – In Edits

is the first book in a fast-paced science fiction, action, and romance series.
90,000 words (approximate), Heat Level: 3

“A fascinating and enjoyable read.” ─Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

It’s been a decade since the first attack. This time, they’re taking everything… and everyone.

The Suanoan Empire possesses a brutal hatred of all life not their own, experimenting on each new species they encounter and discarding the slaves as fast as they’re collected. An original species of the universe, their power is ruthless and their thirst for blood, insatiable.

Earth, still patching itself together from the 300 Years War, is severely unprepared and outnumbered when the invasion hits. Their only hope is a small team of peace-keepers on a suicide mission to infiltrate the mother ship and relay critical defense information home.

Sergeant Nakio Atana is the Universal Protectors’ elite assassin, and holds within, a spark of unimaginable power. But a daring escape from an enemy ship knocked the first fifteen years of her life into darkness, leaving her with only inexplicable apathy and technical knowledge beyond Earth’s evolution.

She is the tip of their spear.

Sergeant Jameson Bennett must guard her with his life.

Together, Atana and Bennett lead the team in hopes her knowledge, and his crew’s skills, will render them a soft spot in the Suanoan armor. What they find when they reach the mother ship is entirely unexpected. The truth they uncover will challenge the code they live by and set in motion events that change the future of Earth and their concepts of the power within.

Back Cover: With a mysterious history and an affinity for killing, a Shepherd is called upon to protec5star-flat-webt a vital secret and push the limits of The Universal Protectors, an organization designed to bring order back into a torn world.

The only remaining Rescue survivor, Sergeant Nakio Atana, must face an enemy of unknown origins that is threatening her planet and the slaves held captive in the skies above.

But the nightmares, the headaches, her misplaced past, the unpredictable combatants, and the flash of green light she hoped she’d never see again are threatening her focus and, ultimately, their future. 

Text Copyright © 2016 Elysia Lumen Strife
Editor: Jeni Chappelle
Cover: Amy Harwell
All Rights Reserved.

Requiem – Book Two (Coming Fall 2018)

105,000 words (approximate), Heat Level: 3requiem front

As the Shepherds and Earthlings begin to uncover their hidden past, relations tremble.

With the Earth in chaos, the skies littered above, and the threat looming in the stars beyond, they must find a way to fight the new demons within and prepare for their toughest battle yet.

“Even on the darkest night, we are their Shepherds, their guiding light.”

Text Copyright © 2017 Elysia Lumen Strife
Cover: Amy Harwell
All Rights Reserved.

Shadows of the Son – Book 3

Summer 2019

Galactic war is closing in. Command and the shepherds take a hit they aren’t prepared for. Earth and its warriors stumble to their feet, each experiencing uncontrollable changes, particularly Sergeant Bennett.

“One prospector to guide the universe in its quest for balance.”

Acknowledging his power is one thing, accepting it is asking too much. But with the upcoming battles, his hands will be forced to wield the sword of fate.