Stellar Fusion

Stellar Fusion is fast-paced science fiction, action, and romance novel. 90,000 words (approximate), Heat Level: 3

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Stellar SHIELD frontA daunting fate and a beautiful, yet tormented, sergeant of the Universal Protectors force take paranormal to the next level. Her harrowing past renders her unaware of her true capabilities. She must find a way to save her people and the slaves she encounters above before they become another roiling rock of death in the chain of galaxies unmade by a merciless few.

Back Cover: With a mysterious history and an affinity for killing, a Shepherd is called upon to protect a vital secret and push the limits of The Universal Protectors, an organization designed to bring order back into a torn world.

The only remaining Rescue survivor, Sergeant Nakio Atana, must face an enemy of unknown origins that is threatening her planet and the slaves held captive in the skies above.

But the nightmares, the headaches, her misplaced past, the unpredictable combatants, and the flash of green light she hoped she’d never see again are threatening her focus and, ultimately, their future. 

Text Copyright © 2016 Elysia Lumen Strife
Editor: Jeni Chappelle
Cover: Amy Harwell
All Rights Reserved.