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A new freebie short holiday story (Cookies, Coffee, & Christmas
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Emery just survived another breakup and already her mother, sister, and friends are pushing her to find a new man. Holidays fill the streets of her small mountain hometown with shopping visitors and vacationing families. A stranger at the town coffee shop catches her eye, but she can’t stay and chat. The holiday festival is tomorrow, and she has to bake cookies to sell as a fundraiser for the food bank.

Rumor spreads that their town’s iconic sawmill has been bought up by someone from the city. The official announcement will be made at the festival. No one in town wanted the property to sell, especially not Emery. It’s the last standing memory she has of her father.

Can Emery save the mill and find love?

A sweet, holiday romance with a touch of humor and a few curses.

Also, this winter, November 23rd to be precise, I’ll be publishing The Kiss that Saved Christmas SO you will also get an email prior to pub day including a link to where you can get an early free review copy of that book as well! I’m doing a Book Tour for November with The Kiss that Saved Christmas, along with two giveaways of paperbacks: one through Goodreads and one private one for my subscribers that will have other goodies (like: scarf, candle, chocolate, cookies, etc. – though I can’t say for sure what they will be since I’m writing this in June… But it will be extra special) So watch for emails from me to get those freebies! 

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