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A rushed work trip to a mountain resort sends Ava into the humble, strong arms of a search and rescue stud. Can he save her heart? And can she rescue him before her time is up?

Ava Williams doesn’t want anything to do with winter or the snowy mountains of Colorado after her sister’s death. When a resort coordinator calls the week before Christmas, requesting her dance classes as part of a holiday retreat for couples, Ava can’t turn down the opportunity. It could change the future of her studio’s business. 

But Ava plans hide out in her room between classes, not ready to confront the memories of family vacations that used to bring her joy. She doesn’t expect to meet the handsome and extremely fit Cade, a member of the local search and rescue team. All he wants is one date. But Ava knows if she gives in, it could dismantle everything she’s worked so hard to create.

Cade Callahan is more than meets the eye, and Ava finds herself falling for him. Literally. He likes to play fair, and he’s desperate in a way only Ava can satisfy.

She has to keep her distance. How hard can it be for just one week?

A sweet, clean, holiday romance with a bit of suspense. 

This is a free short side story to Embers on Ice. It’s more of a crime and romance suspense novella than sweet romance, but it provides a lot of extra detail around Boone and the Lost Shadows gang.

If you want to read this book, just go to the back of your copy of Wildfire (because this is where it fits in the timeline) and grab the link to the free copy there. It won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t read the Embers series, which is why it’s only included to those who’ve purchased that collection up to book 2. Hopefully, it inspires you to get book 3: Hibiscus Christmas. Trust me, the ending is worth it (IMO – in my opinion… naturally 😀 )