Sweet Short Stories

Cookies, Coffee, & Christmas Short Story

Emery just survived another breakup and already her mother, sister, and friends are pushing her to find a new man. Holidays fill the streets of her small mountain hometown with shopping visitors and vacationing families. A stranger at the town coffee shop catches her eye, but she can’t stay and chat. The holiday festival is tomorrow, and she has to bake cookies to sell as a fundraiser for the food bank.

Rumor spreads that their town’s iconic sawmill has been bought up by someone from the city. The official announcement will be made at the festival. No one in town wanted the property to sell, especially not Emery. It’s the last standing memory she has of her father.

Can Emery save the mill and find love?

Christmas at the Peppermint Inn Novella

Divinity wants out of her suffocating relationship. When a new man appears in her small, Idaho town, to stay at the bed and breakfast she works at, a surge of hope gives her the courage to move on. But his trip is for business, and Collin can’t stay.

With Christmas quickly approaching, Divinity takes a chance that the magic of the season will show him all of the reasons he belongs with them—with her. Except Collin has a few surprises of his own.

A short and sweet story with a few curses.

Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas Novella

In Zoe’s rush to visit her sister’s family for the holidays before returning to work in the city, she doesn’t heed the storm warnings. Wrecking her car just outside of a small town in Wyoming, snow falling like cotton balls, she doesn’t know where to go for help. Thank goodness Chase Thornton, the nearby ranch’s ramrod, is out on patrol. Only when Zoe steps inside the warmth of the cabin does she realize how fortunate she truly is.

Chase is one handsome, single son-of-a-rancher.

But Zoe’s boss won’t stop calling to find out when she’ll be back. The roads won’t be plowed until Christmas Eve if they’re lucky. And Zoe doesn’t know the first thing about living in the country, especially not with a man who’s sworn off talking to women after his last heartbreak.

Can Chase help her survive a week on a ranch in the dead of winter?
And Can Zoe help Chase find his Christmas spirit and faith in love again?

A short and sweet holiday romance with a few curses.

Since Stuck with a Cowboy for Christmas has had some of the best interest of all of my books, I decided to expand upon it and turn it into a 3 book series… Maybe more if interest keeps up!

Hoping to get A Surprise Cowboy for Christmas published in 2021.

Falling for a Cowboy for Christmas is planned for the 2022 holiday season.

The Christmas Light Keeper

Preorder Available: Publishes November 29, 2021

Kaci Paisley is on assignment as an interior design assistant for a new hotel being built in a small mountain town in the Oregon Cascades. Overworked and stressed, Kaci isn’t prepared for the brutal force of winter. Thank goodness, Lee Branton, a local power lineman is nearby to help her pick up her things. He’s the rugged kind of handsome that makes Kaci forget all about her deadlines and snow-soaked tablet.

A simple look turns into a date stringing up Christmas lights for others. Lee reminds Kaci of her father, always remembering to slow down, enjoy life, and help those in need. But Lee’s job has him braving elements she’s not familiar with.

When a storm rolls in Christmas week, burying everything in white, Lee gets called out into the night.
Can Kaci cope with the worry and stress?
Or is love with a lineman too much risk?

Sweet romance, some cursing and tense situations.

Sugar Pine Holiday

A rushed work trip to a mountain resort sends Ava into the humble, strong arms of a search and rescue stud. Can he save her heart? And can she rescue him before her time is up?

Ava Williams doesn’t want anything to do with winter or the snowy mountains of Colorado after her sister’s death. When a resort coordinator calls the week before Christmas, requesting her dance classes as part of a holiday retreat for couples, Ava can’t turn down the opportunity. It could change the future of her studio’s business. 

But Ava plans hide out in her room between classes, not ready to confront the memories of family vacations that used to bring her joy. She doesn’t expect to meet the handsome and extremely fit Cade, a member of the local search and rescue team. All he wants is one date. But Ava knows if she gives in, it could dismantle everything she’s worked so hard to create.

Cade Callahan is more than meets the eye, and Ava finds herself falling for him. Literally. He likes to play fair, and he’s desperate in a way only Ava can satisfy.

She has to keep her distance. How hard can it be for just one week?

A sweet, clean, holiday romance with a bit of suspense. 

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