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First Audiobook Now Available

I’m super stoked to announce: I finally have an audiobook!

Sugar Pine Holiday is my first title to be published in listen-only mode with Google Play. I’ve used Google’s auto-narration by Madison, a medium tone, gentle voice I think reflects a better version of my book than me reading it myself on Anchor. (I’ve since pulled back from that and am reworking my audiobook game.)

My hope is to get a few more books set to wide in Sweet Romance and Sci-Fi.

The content turned out well with Sugar Pine Holiday, in my opinion. I had to correct a few things and work on pacing of the AI narrator a bit. But overall, I think the hours I put into it, and the quality is worth the small price of $4.99 as compared to other audio books.

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I finally found a way to try out audiobook creation within my financial boundaries, which makes me very happy. I’ve had readers request audiobooks in the past, and suggested I do them myself. I would, but I live in an RV with thin walls right next to the highway. There isn’t a quiet place to record here. And Madison doesn’t make mistakes and have to reread chapters 3 or 5 times to get them right on Anchor! haha.

If you’re a writer interested in inexpensive audiobook creation, try out Google Play. Your book has to be in ebook form first before it can be auto-narrated. But so far, the process has been stellar. I totally recommend this!

Sugar Pine Holiday is the first sweet romance series I’m trying out as “widely” published on multiple platforms. It’s not on Amazon in ebook or audiobook, only paperback. It’s part of a new collection I’m calling Fireside Holidays, the second book of which, Wish Mountain Holiday, I’m working on right now.

I’m hoping to turn this into a nicely sized collection of 5 or more books. The second book stars a character from the first book, Lex. Each one will feature Search & Rescue studs.

Ready for a listen?

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More about Sugar Pine Holiday:

A rushed work trip to a mountain resort sends Ava into the humble, strong arms of a search and rescue stud. Can he save her heart? And can she rescue him before her time is up?

Ava Williams doesn’t want anything to do with winter or the snowy mountains of Colorado after her sister’s death. When a resort coordinator calls the week before Christmas, requesting her dance classes as part of a holiday retreat for couples, Ava can’t turn down the opportunity. It could change the future of her studio’s business. 

But Ava plans to hide out in her room between classes, not ready to confront the memories of family vacations that used to bring her joy. She doesn’t expect to meet the handsome and extremely fit Cade, a member of the local search and rescue team. All he wants is one date. But Ava knows if she gives in, it could dismantle everything she’s worked so hard to create.

Cade Callahan is more than meets the eye, and Ava finds herself falling for him. Literally. He likes to play fair, and he’s desperate in a way only Ava can satisfy.

She has to keep her distance. How hard can it be for just one week?

A sweet holiday romance with a bit of suspense and mild language but no intimacy. 

Audio content information:

Author-adjusted auto-narration.

Voice: Madison

Speed: Relaxed