Stellar Cover RGBHere’s what Amazon Customer’s have to say about Stellar Fusion:

“A book to embrace future possibilities with technology leading the way!”

“Stellar Fusion is the work of a new aspiring writer with a penchant for exploring possibilities of future life for humankind. Good versus evil, loyalty, truth, integrity, and the power of strength, love, and hope are all masterfully interwoven into this inaugural novel by E.L. Strife. With the age-old theme of making the world a better place, Strife casts her characters in the spotlight as they embrace survival on the planet. Stellar Fusion offers readers an opportunity to look to the future and reflect on what is most important to ensure the happiness, success, and survival of the human race.”
-Amazon Customer

“Imaginary & Blissful”

“From beginning to end Elysia Strife has you in suspense and leaves you wanting more.” – Jorge V. Ontiveros

“Great book. Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fast-paced sci-fi action with moments that slow to profoundly grab your heart and draw you into the characters’ lives. Looking forward to reading book 2 when it’s released.”
-Amazon Customer

“E.L. Strife has done a great job providing insight into what the future may bring to a world seeking peace and harmony. Fresh, vibrant descriptions
enable Strife to engage the reader at all times as technology advances dictate change and direction in our ever-changing world. Stellar Fusion is a great novel to read as we embrace new tools of technology as mechanisms of survival.”

-Rod Harvey

Reader’s Favorite Review (by K. J. Simmill)

“…a fascinating and enjoyable read.”

“The author, E.L. Strife, pulls you into their futuristic world, introduces you to the ideas and structure of their domain, and wastes no time in driving the plot forward with compelling characters and imminent danger. Comradery, loyalty, survival, threat, and danger are expertly woven into an engaging plot. You develop an excellent feel for the characters and the personal obstacles they face, as well as those embraced within the plot. This futuristic world has some technologies that are both beautifully and terrifyingly imagined, those that will aid our heroes, and those that will stand in their way, and some times the line between which is which can be blurred. Really enjoyable, interesting, and most importantly fun to read. I look forward to seeing where book two takes us next.”

embers on ice reworkHere’s what Amazon Customer’s have to say about A Christmas in Montana:

“A welcome addition to any romance-lover’s library!”

“Looking for a Christmas present, for a beloved romance-booklover, friend, or just for yourself? Look no further than Elysia Strife’s A Christmas In Montana, the first in her “Embers on Ice” series of romance novels. A Christmas in Montana follows the tumultuous romance between the handsome yet coolly-repressed Matt and the beautiful, warm, free-spirited Orion as they navigate the highways and byways of love. Strife’s clean, crisp prose and well-modulated dialogue make this a welcome addition to any romance-lover’s library. Sure, we know how the story is going to end; in romance writing, however, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Elysia Strife takes the reader on a sweetly sensuous trip, and the reader couldn’t ask for a lovelier, more talented guide.”

– Skip Schmidt

“A Christmas in Montana is a heart-warming story of life and love, set in the pristine and rugged Big Sky Country of Montana. E.L. Strife inspires readers to celebrate the spirit of the holidays and to cherish the solid bonds of love and friendship. Interwoven within the story are subtle messages of life lessons for all generations that speak to the ups and downs of daily living. Readers will especially enjoy this book during the holiday season, but it is also a good read any time of the year.”

– Rod Harvey

1 WNC Cover copyHere’s what Amazon customers have to say about A Wet Nose Christmas:

A delightful story of a much loved puppy and family love.”
-Jill Harwell

“This is a beautiful short story about the love a young pup can bring into the lives of a family. The author has shown her love and affection for this pup through her thoughtful and creative drawings. The reader is rewarded at the end of the book with an actual photograph of “Gunner,” who touched the lives of so many. A Wet Nose Christmas is a great book to read and share with children and inspires us all to cherish and enjoy the companionship of man’s best friend. Read and enjoy!”
-Amazon Customer

“This book was awesome for my 5-year-old daughter!”
– Jorge V. Ontiveros

“Packed with action…impeccably good.” – Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

“…A powerful, high-concept sci-fi series. Intense and driven from start to end, this is a rocketing narrative through (the) space-age, alien and humanoid storylines to reach another startling climactic moment in the Infinite Spark Series.” – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“…An amazing future with alien races and combat abilities that will blow your mind. Fans of good science fiction will love it.” – Ray Simmons, Readers’ Favorite