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shield copyright 4internetwhiteIntroduction:

The Universal Protectors is an organization from my Infinite Spark Series. You can meet them in Stellar Fusion. While they remain a fictional and fantastical figure of my imagination, their purpose is simple and relevant to today’s society:

Protect the Innocent.

Protect the Future.

Shepherds are members of the Universal Protectors. We protect the people as we once did sheep, and still do in some areas, keeping them safe from the snapping jaws of hungry wolves.

It’s not a trendy thing to be chivalrous or selfless. I’ve encountered many who cannot comprehend a person being this way and still maintaining their self-respect. But, by respecting others, we are respecting ourselves – acknowledging our ability to positively affect those around us by utilizing the skills we were born with.

Each of us has our own unique skill set and that diversity is what makes us strong. When combined, our differences are what help us uncover answers to problems we would not find if we all thought the same thing.

A person that does not have self-respect, does not have concern for themselves and will lead a carefree but careless life, or remain reclusive and not interact with others out of fear. We are not careless, but we do whatever is necessary to safeguard the innocent when called upon. We do not hide, but merely watch for the right moment to intervene.

It is a glorious responsibility in the eyes of those who choose to see it.


Our Loud & Proud Protectors –

Those who take the bull by the horns and aren’t afraid to say they’ll do it, these are the people that stand and confront the firestorm. They include: Firefighters, Police Officers, Military & Veterans, Nurses & Doctors, Counselors, and many individuals who have fought back of their own accord in the face of adversity.

Our Silent Protectors – 

I’m sure you’ve seen shows on TV about volunteer organizations that do good for their communities and those abroad. Maybe you’ve seen them on social media, or if you still get one, the local newspaper.  They save the starving, those without clean water, power, shelter, access to medical supplies, people on the edge of mental and emotional breakdowns and, at times, economical structures on the edge of collapse.

These are the kind of people that are holding us together. They are the shepherds that guide us along our bumbling, materialistic, egocentric, social-media riddled, path of political self-destruction.

Freedom can only exist if respect is the gauge by which we measure all things.

If we have respect, we will:
Be Honest
Act with Integrity
Focus on the best results of our actions for everyone.

To Join:

If you want to be a part of the mission and become a Shepherd, it’s very simple:
Be observant and then kind to those in need. You are automatically a silent Universal Protector.

If you’re looking for a more structured approach, or to be a Loud and Proud Protector, I have a packet in the works that contains Induction documents and other information for maintaining health and wellness so you can better serve your peers and live a longer, happier life. They, of course, will be linked directly from the foundation of the Infinite Spark Series.

I am also working on a shield decal so you may show your support the Loud and Proud style.

For a feed of content or to suggest ways for your peers to help others, check out Universal Protectors on Facebook.
If you have a copy of Stellar Fusion, in the back you will find the Shepherd’s Oath, an essential component of being a Shepherd.

We are a community, not a business. We do this as stewards and good Samaritans. No one gets anything out of it except the joy of helping others and of knowing they are doing what’s best for those around them, therefore encouraging the best future possible for us on this planet. With the Universal Protectors, we merely provide a structure to guide you in becoming a universal citizen. Life is trivial if there is no tomorrow. Help us make life have meaning.

We are few and far between. Many remain in the shadows, hiding their faces from the judging outside world. It’s up to you to choose to commit your life to something greater than yourself.

Extroverts and Introverts are welcome.


Best Wishes,

Elysia Lumen Strife (Introvert)



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