Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Infinite Spark (Alien Invasion, Space Opera)

Hybrid Genesis (Biopunk, Dystopian)

Dead Cell (Cyberpunk, Space Opera)

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–Sci-Fi Fantasy–

Infinite Spark:

0: Rise of the Blood Phoenix
(Preorder for Feb 21, 2021)
1: Stellar Fusion
2: Requiem
3: Shadows of the Son
1-3: Infinite Spark Trilogy
04: Red Shift(Preorder for July 1, 2022)

–Dystopian Cyberpunk–

Hybrid Genesis:

0: Reclamation – Mind Jack (Free)
1: Zedger – Edge of Zion
2: Oblivion – Fractured Empire
(Preorder for March 21, 2022)

Dead Cell:

00:New Earth Prequel
(Free on Book Funnel)
-Amazon Vella-
02: Triton Force
03: Rebellion