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These stories are revised first drafts only because publishing takes a lot of time and money so I choose to do it with my most loved choices only. But that doesn’t mean these aren’t fun or exciting. I just had to make a choice.



Finding Her Match: Jayla is a half-breed, half shifter, half Galatian. All she has to do is survive the realm of man. Living in the shadows proves harder than she expects when she runs into a stranger with a scent she can’t get out of her nose. Her world tumbles to the earth around her, and she must accept what she is, or bare witness to the destruction of the few people she trusts enough to hide her secret.
Mature Content

Let it Burn: Norah hates being a woman. When she miscarries, it opens her eyes to the truth about her fiancé… and a door to an escape.  But, growing up with an abusive mother, her adoption a complete mystery, her self-concept is a knot-work of feeling ashamed and undeserving and, yet, the desire to be worth more, to deserve what she’s worked so hard for.

Only two people in her life can get her to open up, her father and her handsome co-worker (and single-parent), Evan. But her father is ill and Evan is a mess over his daughter, who’s fast-approaching puberty, something he isn’t prepared to deal with.
Part of her wants to reach out. The other half can’t bear the guilt.

When it rains, it pours.
When it sparks, it roars.
Mature language, themes, mild romantic scene

Justice Untamed: Justice will do anything for a chance to avenge her sister’s murder. With a new identity, she gets a second chance at life, and at finding the agent that tore her family apart. Will she uncover the truth and the bigger threat it poses to the Western Wastelands, or disappear into the brush, never to be seen again?
Mature Content.

Christmas at Briar Ridge: Claire’s husband passed two Christmases ago. Now the truck won’t start, the road isn’t plowed, and the last wedding is weeks away. Her former venue assistants were complete failures and her business is teetering on the edge. In a desperate attempt, she posts one last ad in the local newspaper. This time, she’s in need of a man.

Christian Romance.

This is a clean story minus occasional scuffles and a bad word.

What I Have, You Have: Everyone gets paid to live. Teenage Gabby, and her family, like everyone else, still struggle to survive in the modern era of Halos and a country still learning to crawl through the first steps of a drastic, post-war, economical change. Gabby’s dreams waver on the edge of dissolving and a surprise decision from her brother leaves her twisted in emotional turmoil and wondering if her dreams are worth the price.