Achieving Acceptance of Equilibrium

The search for progress is hard-wired into us humans. But to be truly at peace, we must see what we have now, and sometimes that takes practice. It sounds like a lesson in being grateful, but it isn’t. It’s a lesson in being realistic about your expectations. They lead us so often down a dark path, overly optimistic about the light we’ll find in the shadows.

Life is movement, transition, unrest. Understanding the balance of good and bad, light and dark, rich and poor, life and death is one thing. Accepting it, truly permitting the presence of the negatives with the positives is hard for all of us. But without polarity there can be no movement, no progress, no change.

A note: an electrical charge, that thing that powers everything, that is caused by a negatively charged particle.

So if negatives can be good, can positives be bad?

(at least in terms of protons and galactic cosmic rays, the answer is yes.)

But if a positive leads to a bad result, do we categorize it as a negative? And does a negative that has challenged us and made us stronger equate to a positive?

-on a quest for enlightenment-






5 Things I’ve Learned from Self-Publishing

dscn1415I never dreamed I’d be a self-made anything… I’ve worked warehouses, maintenance, drove 2-ton rigs and flipped burgers. Yet, here I am, with two self-published books and almost twenty more waiting impatiently. Throughout this self-publishing process, I’ve learned a few key things that I’ll definitely keep in mind the third time around. Continue reading

Home Inspired: Lumberjack Mack

Lumberjack front cover2If you’ve ever had a live Christmas tree, or lived in a stick-built (wood-framed) house, built a deck, or steps, or anything with 2x4s, ‘Mack’ was your man.

This upcoming children’s book, Lumberjack Mack, is about the courage and love of a logger to do a dangerous job for the family he loves. It honors several who have passed, giving all to provide us with the homes that keep us warm and safe.

Inspired by the gorgeous mountains of the pacific northwest and the commitment and resilience of the few…

Continue reading

Creative Mistakes and Discovery

moons.jpgI was working in Photoshop on a new cover design and made a mistake, easily fixed with ctrl+z. I’ve been distracted, worried about my first book. And when I refocused, I realized my mistake had just taught me a quick way to make simple planets! I love moments like that, where “oh no!” turns into, “hey that’s cool.” And then I just have to remember my steps. Ha.

Not every mistake means the end of the world, unless you’re a character in a scifi novel.

Science Fiction is all about dreaming up a realistic future. And it’s only fiction because it’s not real, yet. It makes me feel like there’s more out there, waiting for the right time to change the world. We all search for our own escape. Mine is the amazing world of Science Fiction.

Much ♥


30+ Character Clothing Styles

While writing a new book, I realized I was describing what my character had on, without knowing what style it belonged to. It made me curious. But I haven’t found many straight forward lists available online, so if you’re searching for this, I hope it helps you. I would break it down into modest vs. not, but I think we all know anyone can be either in any category.

Only general descriptions provided to help sort the styles because so many overlap. If you find something missing, please leave a comment! Continue reading

Self-publishing Stress

When self-publishing, you do everything from write the story, find and work with an editor, select a way to publish, format and market your book. You research the hell out of the process only to find contradicting information. Stellar Fusion is ready, but I can’t hold my breath for something that might never happen.

I sit here drumming my fingers, waiting for the final piece to fall into place. Then it’s, hope I tagged it effectively, hope people look at it, hope they like it, hope I uploaded everything right, hope, hope, hope.

Stellar Fusion has been in the works since 2012. And now I have 17 other books lined up. hearttinyAnd I’m wondering if it’s going to have been a futile endeavor.

Part of me says ‘no’ because there’s still that element of hope.
The perfectionist in me disagrees. But I’m not perfect. Never was, just strive for it.

It’s a crapshoot really. But I refuse to cross my fingers, because I want to believe if it does become something, that I worked for it, earned it, that I’m capable of being more than just a shadow of a former self.

I hold two Bachelor’s degrees. Took me nearly 8 years to complete, but I made it. When I set my mind on a goal, it’s hard to break me of it. I can push through a lot. But sometimes I let that goal blind me to the truth.

My self-doubting judgmental self clashes with my unending faith that there’s an ultimate plan for every life. Some days they fight hard, other days they sit and mope in separate corners.

For now, I’m resorting to ensuring things are in line and ready. And after, I’ll have to take it for what it’s worth. Even if that’s nothing at all.

Hoping hard-work will pay off… for all of us.

♥ Elysia

The Spark

start-a-new-fireThere is nothing more liberating than taking your own path and knowing no one can tear you down or derail your plans unless you let them.

Because you’re the boss.

If you don’t allow them investment in your life, their words have no clout, and their scoffing remarks become a mere whisper of wind in your ears.

Take charge of your life.

Humans are creators. If you have a dream, go after it. Everyone has to start somewhere.

  1. Plan
  2. Prepare
  3. Practice
  4. Perform

And you will reach Perfection.

hearttiny    Elysia