Desk Job Fitness Tip #2: Aching Wrists & Arms


If you spend a lot of time typing or using a mouse, whether you’re a writer, a gamer, a receptionist, or just a Pinterest junkie, you may find your arms and wrists are sore and tired. This video will show you some stretches you can do to help relieve the ache.


Desk Job Fitness Tip #1

Let’s be honest. We get tired, sitting for hours on end staring at a screen, writing, editing, putting in data, researching, or whatever else your job requires. I‘m starting this blog chain to offer ideas on relieving pain and stiffness, while preventing chronic problems like carpel tunnel and scoliosis. My hope is that some of you will be able to help people you know, and pass the information along. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Zedger

To save one last soldier from a government program that turns children into drones of the future, Marci must set foot in the one place she swore she never would again, unknowingly releasing an army made just for her.

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While You Were In Florida, I went to 12 Different Places

A book is the cheapest airfare anywhere. Continue reading

Liebster Nomination

Until my good friend, Lenn, got nominated, I had no idea what Liebster 2018 Nomination was. She is an amazing woman, fantastic blogger, and a creative fiction writer whose books I anxiously await publication of. If I were to return the nomination it would be her! She supports others, is always optimistic, and has goats! What else could you possibly want?

Lenn is a diligent writer with an exceptional ability to set scenes and bring you into the moment with the details most of us take for granted. I’ve had the pleasure of personally reading two of her manuscripts and (I won’t spoil it) but they’re crazy good with unique story lines and characters. You can read her blog here.

She proposed some questions to the rest of us. I’ve answered them below.

1.Which fictional character would make the best roommate and why?

The first one that comes to mind is Worf, from Star Trek. There would never be a dull moment. Things would always be in order and I know we would have mutual levels of respect.

2. If you could live in one season forever which would it be?

Autumn. It’s getting cooler, which means increased snuggling opportunities. The smell of the crisp air, rain, apple cider, and the leaves… it just gets to me in a way other scents don’t. It’s like the world is finally relaxing after the summer and settling down for it’s nap under the cottony comforter of winter.

…And pumpkin spice lattes. 😀

3. What are some goals you’re planning on crushing this year?

I’d say I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but honestly they’re constantly typing and I think if I tried to do that I’d get a cramp. I’m working on three novels, hoping to publish all of them this year, with maybe a short story for Instafreebie. There’s also a kid’s book still staring at me that wants to be finished.

I know it’s a lot of work but my goal is to get to the point where I publish five books a year. I’ve always got tons of WIPs but since I self-publish, it’s taken awhile to learn everything. I’m still picking up pieces I’ve missed and trying to build my author platform. It’s intimidating, stressful, self-doubt encouraging, but wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can I reverse nominate? If so: LennWrites!!

Lenn, thanks again for the nomination, despite the fact my blog’s pretty limited. If anything, you reminded me to focus more on it. You’re the best!

♥ Elysia

Infinite Spark Book 3: Penumbra

Penumbra cover no tattoos WATERMARKFinally settled on a cover for the third book of the Infinite Spark Series! Penumbra is well on it’s way to completion and I can’t wait!

It’s a two part book. I won’t give away any spoilers except that the second half is all space battle!

This series is a dream come true… literally. I hope you’ll stick around to see what comes next.

…It’s not over yet.

You can find more on the series here.


Infinite Spark Book 2: Lost Souls

Lost Souls frontWATERMARKIn the dawn of silence after the battle, as we address our wounds and count our dead, we get one breath of peace before a new storm brews above. For the Universal Protectors and the survivors of both Earth and Agutra, the war has only just begun.

Lost Souls is in the final stages of construction and will be released later this year (2018). Penumbra, book three, is catching up and will be receiving a cover soon.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. It’s been a thrill to watch it all unfold.