Children’s Books

A Wet Nose Christmas:
Who doesn’t love Christmas year-round?

In this story, a lonely puppy gets a home.

His new family finds his friendship is far more special than any present under the tree.

Copyright © 2017 Amy R. Harwell, All Rights Reserved.

Paperback copies are perfect stocking-stuffer size for the holidays!!

They are 5 x 7.8 inches!


I have two more children’s books in the works.

The drawing is more intense, with *full* scenery.

It is taking me a while to get them to publication. But the two books are:

Poof, the Electric Cat – A book about powerline safety for kids, featuring a cat from space.

Lumberjack Mack – A story about a boy whose father is a logger in the Pacific Northwest with themes of family, dangers of the job, and why it’s important.

I am also considering continuing the Wet Nose collection with more stories involving the puppy and his adventures. If this interests you, please let me know!