Children’s Books

1 WNC Cover copyA Wet Nose Christmas:
Who doesn’t love Christmas year round? In this story a lonely puppy gets a home and his new family finds his friendship is far more special than any present under the tree.

Copyright © 2017 Amy R. Harwell, All Rights Reserved.


Paperback copies are perfect

stocking-stuffer size for the holidays!!

They are 5 x 7.8 inches!



Lumberjack Mack:Lumberjack front cover2.jpg

Coming soon!

Mack loves his family. Follow him through a day on the job in the Pacific Northwest, and learn what it really means to be a lumberjack.

Copyright © 2017 Amy R. Harwell

Editor: Jeni Chappelle


Poof, the Electric Cat:

Under Final Stage of Construction. I hope to bring you a cover image soon!

A storm brews overhead, sending the neighborhood into darkness. Only Poof, a cat from another planet, can see the threat of downed power lines crumpled beneath a tree outside. Can he save the family before they get too curious?

Copyright © 2017 Amy R. Harwell

Editor: Jeni Chappelle