YA Fantasy

(This page is under construction)

I’ve got a new series coming out in 2022 that is the start of my publications in this genre. Below are the series I have started. I’m still learning about YA Fantasy, and won’t publish until I feel I’ve got a good grasp on what I’m doing. But i’m working on it!

Skyfire Academy:

This story follows a male lead named Cohen. After Cohen breaks the rules to save the life of a young friend at school, he’s sentenced to have the magic drained out of him. Cohen must make his own way when he’s dropped back on Earth. Yet he can’t shake the notion he hasn’t been dropped in just any old human town. Something hides in the forest, a dark secret that pulls him deeper unveiling a much bigger mystery than the spark his fingers still seem to have.

Book 1: Storm of Ash

Book 2: Kingdom of Darkness

Book 3: Sword of Shadows

The cover is currently being reworked.

The Hellationite Paradox:

I’ve written most of this series, but need time to edit and rework it. In a post-apocalyptic world, new factions have risen, separate from one another by the landscape. A young girl can’t explain her way out of being put in the mating pool of her tribe. Forced to run, she must learn to survive on her own. When winter takes its toll, she finds herself rescued by the instructor of an all girls school filled with refugees just like her. She learns to fight and how to use her skills to free others from their controlling factions. But there’s more to her than even she knows. Only when her instructor leads her into a new land, does she begin to uncover her past and find hope of seeing her mother again.

Book 1: Severed Ground

Book 2: Smoking Arrow

Book 3: Blood Rain

Book 4: Reaper’s Mark

Book 5: Diamond Flame

Steel Wars:

There’s only one thing more important than protecting the castle, protecting the guardians that preserve the land of Inonara. An undercover servant working for the princess is on assignment to assist the Guardian upon his arrival. He will have the answers to the droughts, the infestations, and the absent harvest moon. She doesn’t expect a man that doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

Book 1: Protecting the Guardians

Book 2: Silver Mist Warriors

Book 3: Incendiary Gods


This series is more on the paranormal end, featuring Jayla, a wolf shifter who just wants to live a quiet life as a nature photographer. The daughter of a shifter and a human, she isn’t welcome in either realm. But when she encounters a visitor in the area with a distinct scent and a smile to convince anyone the world can be a better place, she lets her secret slip. The secret underworld she discovers puts her in danger. Her bloodline, though lost forever, is a power people can’t wait to get their hands on.

Book 1: The Sempiternal

Book 2: Shift Cure

Book 3: World Walkers