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Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Kids already love this little book. I’ve even been asked to read it to students back home. If you need a stocking stuffer or just a cute holiday read for young kids, A Wet Nose Christmas on Amazon is perfect.


It’s paperback and fits inside a stocking, and at $6.99 costs less than the other kids’ books I just picked up at Walmart. 

If you prefer digital formats, it’s available for Kindle as well at $1.99.

It’s hand-drawn and my first children’s book. I would love your feedback!

The next books are being completed in a digital paint program so they will be full-page images. I can’t wait!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

♥ Elysia


United by Differences

We don’t all have to agree to achieve unity. Balance is the way of most spiritual guides and a basic scientific principle (equilibrium). This means we must have two or more opposing things that ‘reach a common understanding.’

Without sides, without different perspectives, we cannot see the entire picture (of our situations) to make the best decision. Everyone brings their knowledge, opinions, and points to the table. This can benefit everyone if we are willing to be equal in our contribution and what we sacrifice. That’s just being fair. We all want to be treated fairly don’t we?

I think that’s called teamwork.

Lets be a team again! Work together for a better tomorrow, help our neighbors, and maybe we’ll find ourselves in a better place.

Take care, be kind,